10 thoughts on “Nick Zukauskas”

  1. I love that you were able to capture the light and shadows within these materials. It only enhanced the texture of the materials. I like that you have only one part of each print in focused in and the rest blurry, it really draws your attention to the material more.

  2. You captured the idea of texture well, expessially in the second print. The amount and focus of light is just right to capture detail and illuminate the surface. However, I think the first print needs a longer depth of field so we can see more of the texture. The short depth of field leads me directly to the center, then no where else. Having more in focus would make me linger on the piece longer.

  3. The texture in both of these prints is really beautiful. I think the level of contrast is just right, really enhancing it. I want to reach out and touch these prints!

  4. I love the use of texture in these photos as it relates to the source of light. I think I prefer the composition of the first photo to the second, but the texture of the second to the first. I think this could be a really interesting series.

  5. these photos look great shown together. it makes my eyes constantly compare the two to find their differences and similarities. the short depth of field helps to bring the viewer’s center of focus on their differences, whereas the perspective lets the viewer identify its similarities. a very interesting portrayal of manmade vs. natural.

  6. These photographs show great texture. The short depth of field works really well, because you were able to show great texture. The range of tones in the texture in both prints is great. I really enjoy the top piece because of how majority of it is slightly out of focus except for the crack in the middle. These are great photographs.

  7. I’ve got a feeling of looking at the beautiful ugly thing that is so charming which I cannot take my eyes off. I think you did great job on capturing texture and printing! It seems like you’ve got all the tones and composition! good work!

  8. The textures and quality of these prints are amazing and great to look at. Besides being well done prints, the content is visually appealing and leaves nothing to be desired.

  9. great choice of imagery. The prints are technically strong and the textures are monumentalized by your close investigation.

  10. I love the texture that is displayed in these pictures. There is also a lot of contrast, which helps to easily see all the detail. I like that you can even see a smooth, shinier area in the second picture. The lines and angles also makes it appealing (particularly in the second picture).

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