7 thoughts on “Sara Feakes”

  1. Architecture abstraction is a very interesting subject and I think that you captured it well in the second print. I love the composition you chose. It is a unique viewpoint and prompts a powerful towering effect. It also make the buildings structures more of an abstract pattern which adds a dynamic interaction. You see a building, but then there is so much more to in. I also love the centering. It divided the print almost in half which I haven’t seen done so well before. I think the strength of this piece lies in it focus on the details of one building in particular, which is something that is missing from the first.

  2. I would suggest burning the right side of the second photograph. At the moment its blending into the whiteness of the page. I would also suggest burning the bottom of the first photograph because the white roof is blending into the background too much. I really enjoy your sense of perspective in the top photograph.

  3. I also love architectural photography. I like the perspective of the first photo. If the shadow line in the left building wasn’t there, it would be much easier on my eye to view the photo. My eye wants to follow that line up, which leads to nothing in particular. So maybe doing that same shot at a different time of day would produce a better outcome. I also enjoy looking at the second photo. A little burning on the right side may help the photo have an “ending” rather than it going to infinity, but I think the way you have it works for this photo too.

  4. I love that the buildings in the 1st photo look like a series of shapes that come together in a collage form. The interplay between lights and shadows add a lot more to the picture! I love how you choose not to capture the sky. It makes this photo has more abstract quality because there’s no horizontal line presents in the composition.

  5. The first photo, although well done, does not appeal to me past the interest of repeated geometric forms. It is framed well but seems a bit cluttered and claustrophobic despite the high vantage point. The second print also displays similar geometric forms but is much less cluttered. However, the lack of any skyline whatsoever is disturbing and I think it would do you well to burn in the sky to give it some sort of frame.

  6. i like the perspectives in both images. the bottom image with the composition only on the left makes me wonder what could be happening on the right. it’s lonely and seems abandoned, i disagree with the need to burn in the sky, i like the disturbing quality it has with the emptiness around the building.

  7. These both have strong diagonals that help make the images more dramatic. The bottom photo has an especially strong composition where the building seems to be pressing down to the viewer.

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