8 thoughts on “Victoria Raasch”

  1. I really enjoy the composition of these prints! I like you were able to mimic the lifeguard tower in the posture of the human subject. I love that he is off center, and were able to capture beautiful shadows with it. I really like the second print for its emotive qualities. You get the sense of the care those two subjects feel for one another in a serene atmosphere.

  2. I particularly enjoy your first photo. I love the way the woman’s back curves towards her child and the diagonal horizon line. There’s a nice sense of intimacy in this photograph.

  3. both of these photos show an interesting take on looking out at the ocean. from the first one, the viewer can see it from the mother and son’s point of view, whereas the man in the bottom photo makes you believe he’s looking out onto the ocean, even though you don’t see the water. the second one also has a good use of lens flare.

  4. I really like your subjects. THe compositions and the poses of the people really draw the viewer in and I begin to wonder what they are thinking about while staring out to the ocean. I think you did a great job bring the sky into the picture, and you have a great range of tones in both pictures. In the top piece the detail in the subject’s hair is great.

  5. It seems like lens flare works in your favor 🙂 It keeps the man and the tower together,and in the same time, separate them. The second photo looks like it can be composed from 2 different photographs, but these two together made a strong narrative story. It cannot goes out without each other. Great job!

  6. I am impressed by your ability to make such print in such difficult lighting conditions–bright light at noon, and on beach which is also light-colored. You were able to get a very nice tonal range. I like how you burned the ski and brought more details out of your objects. Very good job!

  7. Both of these photos have great tones they almost have an antique like quality to them. In the first photo it looks like you captured a very personal moment and the lighting adds to the effect.

  8. you have a nice eye for capturing a mood and a place. The black and white gives it a sense of nostalgia and memory.

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