5 thoughts on “Yvonne Foy”

  1. Yvonne, i love the composition of your second picture- i think you captured the capital beautifully in such a unique way. The composition is different from most capital pictures you see, and i love the combo of the curing and straight railings. I think they make the composition very strong.

  2. I enjoy the environmental aspect of the first photograph. It’s almost symmetrical, but not, especially the lights. I think a good range of values are presented in the first photograph, although the second photo is too gray overall in my opinion.

  3. I love how you have managed to capture the grandeur of the Capital. It looks to me to have been taken somewhere in Europe – something about the composition, ligthing, and focus. Very nice pritns!

  4. i really enjoy the perspective of the photo of the capitol. it is taken from a different angle that i would normally identify the landmark, and yet intrigues me to figure out where exactly this part is. the first photo has an interesting use of repeated objects.

  5. I like how the capital goes out to the edge. It makes me feel how big the capital is. It almost has no space for the ground and the sky!

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