3 thoughts on “Sarah Taavola”

  1. I am amazed by your idea of making a 35mm point and shoot camera into a pin-hole camera and that it really worked. The effect you get is very interesting. It seems to me that your prints captured stairs running into a building. It is interesting how you were able to get the twisted lines in your prints. The fuzziness of the pin hole camera actually gives your prints a special feel of motion in it. Great job!

  2. I like the creativity behind these photos. I think you definitely accomplished something interesting with these photos and it leaves me wanting more. I really like the unknown behind them. Though there is good tonal range, the images seem a little flat to me (this could just be on my computer, however). Very interesting to look at!

  3. I really enjoy these images. They both have a haunting quality. The consistant movement of all the light spots adds a needed movement to images of stairs. What I can make out from the stairs placement is pretty good, compositionally speaking. I just wonder if it’s possible to get darker blacks or harder edges at all. That would really add to these images.

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