4 thoughts on “Jennifer Clark”

  1. The light coming from the back of the photo making only the floor really visible. The outlines of everything our very visible, but still not everything is visible.

  2. What I find of interest about this photograph is what is not seen in it. You want to know what is going on in this image. You might think there is a story being told or something being conveyed that you are supposed to understand. I think that if it had been a color photograph it would not be the sort of impression. Your ability to imagine can come into play with this photograph.

  3. I really enjoy the lighting in the second photograph. The thin outline of the figure gives an idea of a person without giving too much information. The wood floor and the shadows are also intriguing. I feel like there could be a story behind this, whereas in the first photograph I don’t get that same feeling. I’m not sure what the concept is in the first.

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