6 thoughts on “Krista Leffin”

  1. The first seems like a normal, appreciative photograph of a favorite place to go; the lights make it seem warm, and you almost don’t even realize that the parking lot looks empty.
    The second appears more telling; the checker desgin relates to the first so you feel you are now inside, but the tilted angle and the clearly empty room give a sense of forboding…there is a light source, but unlike the first photo, it casts warped shadows. When I look at it, I begin to wonder if their is a story behind these pictures and why the place is empty.

  2. I don’t find the first photograph particularly interesting. It doesn’t convey a particular mood and the perspective is so direct that there’s little room for interpretation.

    The second print is, in my opinion, much more dynamic. The vantage point and the slight tilt of the camera provide an interesting perspective. Although it ‘s clear that this photo was taken within the diner, it feels much more ambiguous. The lighting is working and well and lends itself to this sense of mystery. I think this is something that you should continue to explore.

  3. both of these photos have a wonderful range of values and contrast, especially in the first photo. however i find the second photo’s composition much more interesting. the perspective and tiles lead my eye to whatever is at the end of the hallway. i guess i wish that whatever is at the end was clearer to the viewer. but you captured the light on the tiles beautifully.

  4. Both of these photos are very intriguing to me. I really enjoy the contrast in both of these pictures, especially the second one. I like how the light source is coming from farther away in the picture, it makes the photograph have an eerie feeling to it. I also like the composition in the second photograph, the way the camera was angled is nice and how the point of view is coming from the floor. I like how you chose a different way to capture this photograph from that angle.

    It could be interesting seeing these photos in a series, it seems like, with both pictures showing that the building is empty, that it could be telling some kind of story.

  5. I am more drawn to the second image than the first. The angle and perspective really grab my attention. I also like the lighting in the second. The first might be a little hot on the right side. The checker board pattern definitly ties them together though.

  6. The perspective on the second image is very interesting. The angle at which the photo was taken really adds to the photo. They range of values is achieved very well by both images. The way that the lights are hitting the building are creating a sort of feel to the images.

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