9 thoughts on “Alexander DeVoe”

  1. These are very smooth, awesome. Great use of line and the overall use of gradients make these super interesting, I want to see more work!

  2. wonderful pictures! I love the use of line in these, especially the top one. Your eye is always drawn throughout the whole photograph and it keeps me very interested. I like the contrast in the top one also, the parts that are dark really make the bright parts stand out. Very good architectural pictures!

  3. I really like these pictures. The top one is very busy, but the balance of black and white really keeps it all together and helps it flow. I like the second picture because the hallway seems to end in darkness making you wonder if it just ended or if there is more of the hallway but you just cant see it, kind of mysterious. Nice job!

  4. Really enjoy the photos, great use of line, the first one moves your eyes through the whole picture, the second draws you back into the blackness. I get the feeling of loneliness when looking at these, both spaces seems so big and open and you feel as if your the only one there. Good work.

  5. my favorite photograph is most definitely the first one. you captured the angles and lines of the building in such a way that almost makes it look like an abstract close up. the contrast also works very well. the second photograph is an interesting image of a pathway that seems to go into an abyss.

  6. The photos have such a crispness to them. They both are very smooth the top one has nice rounded edges. The bottom one has nice straight edges that continue on into the darkness.

  7. I really like these photos. Especially the top one. Gives an M.C. Escher kind of feel. very crisp and clear. Good sense of shadows and gradients as well. Can’t wait to see more from you.

  8. The repetition of the geometric shapes and the crisp linear quality of these photos makes them very interesting and engaging.

  9. I love the angle at which you took the first photograph. It almost appears as an abstract image. All of the different horizontal and vertical lines draw your eyes across the entire image. I also really enjoy the vanishing point created by the receding hallway in the second photo. The darkness brings a sense of mystery. Both photos have great clarity and contrast.

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