3 thoughts on “Brianna Meyer”

  1. The emotions in these two images are very different, the first is very fun and the second feels is very sad. They are very two different emotions that people face, any you captured them very well.

  2. The second photograph is exceptionally striking to me, because I can’t see the full emotion on his face. It gives me the ability to read the image for myself rather than telling me the whole story. I also really enjoy the contrast between the two pictures as well.

  3. Love the shallow depth of field used for the bottom image, as well as the soft background, and the darkness of the hair and the shirt. I love that his gaze or whatever he is looking at takes us out of the frame of the photograph its always interesting to try and figure out what the subject is investigating themselves. Maybe try and separate the hair from the man standing in the background to try and add a bit of depth, and possibly go for a macro investigation of family moments that you capture from a distance in the first image.

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