10 thoughts on “Chelsea Roque”

  1. Great photos! These are very fun, engaging compositions. I love the way you captured light and movement here. The softness of the images gives a cool nostalgic vibe.

  2. I love the candid quality these prints have. I gives a very nostalgic feeling. Almost like they places or moments to you wish to remember. I feel that it is very hard to make a subject look like they are not aware of the camera, and you did this well. However, in my opinion I think both prints would benifit from pushing the contrast a bit further. The one of the little girl I find a bit distracting with the brighness of the table in the center not repeated anywhere else. It draws attention to negative space.

  3. I too like the candidness of these photographs, you were able to capture a wide array of emotions. I really like the top photograph the most, but I would have liked to see what was in the little girls right hand, I feel as if I am missing the cause of her delight. I wish the little boy behind the girl was either completely hidden or more in view, the black shoes are slightly distracting. I love the motion that was captured in the bottom photograph and I would like to see the photograph cropped down to show only the woman. Both images could use more contrast and the top photograph could use some burning on the table. As stated before, its slightly distracting. Overall I love the emotions and actions caught in these photographs.

  4. I find these pictures to be very interesting, specially because they explore movement, laughter and having fun. However there are two things that I find distracting about these pictures. On the first one, the little girl seems to be holding the bottom of the chair, and for some reason my eyes are drown to it. In the second one, it would have been nice to see the motion of movement made by the guy that is cropped out of the picture. I love the fact that even though these pictures are not related they look like a before and after shot! Good Job!

  5. I like how you captured a moment in the pictures. In the second one it feels a little odd that the guy is cut off so much, I feel it there was a little more of the guy it would not feel as odd.

  6. I really enjoy your subject matter, both pictures are so fun and care-free! The candidness of each picture really allows the viewer to feel a connection with the subjects. These pictures are very uplifting and tell a great narrative.

  7. These photos are great, they capture the emotions and energy of the instances very well. I especially like the sense of anticipation and movement the bottom photo relays. I also think it’s interesting that the angle of the little girls body and the tire swing are fairly similar, for me, it ties the photos together.

  8. I really appreciate the way you captured the subjects in these photos. I especially like the way you captured the essence of movement and play in the second picture, its almost as if you caught the inner child which is why I believe they work so well together.

  9. I love how the portrayal of these people in your photos are candid compared to set up. I feel like candid photos always make the composition more interesting. These photos are full of energy, I love how in the second photo shows the idea of movement. The second photo also shows that there is an inner child in the people, even at an older age with the idea of playing on the tire swing, which fits in well with the first photograph of the little girl. Overall I think both of these photos have wonderful compositions.

  10. I like how you captured a bit of time in one picture or two. The photos look spontaneous rather that telling people where to stand and how to look. This pictures gives it more of a homey experience than anything to me.

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