9 thoughts on “Joe Malone”

  1. I really enjoy the subject matter chosen for this photo- it encourages the viewer to imagine themselves in another persons shoes. Because they are work boots and there is a bottle next to them, it leaves room open for interpretation on some sort of storyline. The range of tones in this photo are great and the leading lines of the boards in the background really enhance the photo. Job well done.

  2. I enjoy the subject of the first image a lot, you only see the outline of a person and having only the two tones of black and bright white makes it very interesting, not cropping the image to be just around the outline keeps focused in the center.

  3. in the second photo my intake on the storyline is to be in someone else’s shoes as an alcoholic, maybe they are even homeless. really gets the viewer thinking what it means to not even be an alcoholic but homeless as well. Therefore the subject matter is strong. also the use of the dark and lights really enhances the photo.

  4. I appreciate the use of depth of field and different perspective on the subject matter. The solid focus directly in the center of the frame really draws the viewer in to interpret the story they think is being told.

  5. The subject matter is familiar and comfortable. Because the boots look broken in and you’ve chosen and interesting angle with a low depth of field you create questions about the subject matter and it’s history rather than giving us the entire story. Well done.

  6. I find it surprising that nobody has commented on the first photograph yet. Is that painting with light? It’s a very powerful image. I almost wish that the composition was a tad different- with the photograph straightened a bit and the figure more to the right.
    The second photograph is truly beautiful. Very good control on your depth of field, which adds an interesting mood to the photograph, as if it’s encouraging you to empathize with the wearer of these boots but then not quite letting you all the way in. I wish this photograph was flipped upside down though. Turning my computer over and looking at it this way makes the image remarkable, and more relate-able.

  7. It is important to look for different perspectives from which to photograph. It seems that you are attempting this in the photograph of the shoes. By looking at the shoes from the top rather than from straight on gives one a different view not daily encountered. It can be further worked with.

  8. This photograph seems to incorporate light writing where one takes a light source like a flash light and moves it around in front of the camera to create lines, vectors, outlines, etc. In this case it appears that the light perhaps traces the form of the person in the photograph. The overall image being dark shows the contrast within the composition. This creates a feeling of another realm. Science fiction perhaps.

  9. The shallow depth of focus in the bottom image is nice. I also enjoy the composition. One thing you’ve done well is lining up the images. The placement of the person on the top relates to the placement of the boots on the bottom. I also enjoy that the viewer can interpret these in different ways. To me, it appears as if the person has been electrocuted or is just full of energy, not that those two ideas are very different.

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