7 thoughts on “Katie Ryan”

  1. Concerning the lower image.
    Very interesting that you have chosen to set the background, and essentially the earth off access as it naturally is (rounded). Overall tone and shadow on each side keeps me involved in the motion created by the person jumping or in my opinion falling from left to right. Brilliantly captured motion, and the line created by the background and the almost falling nature of the trees downward is really engaging. I think your on to something here this image would not be as strong had it been a straight on shot. I am Curious on what exactly you’re investigating with these images.

  2. really enjoy the angle of the bottom image. seeing the ground at an angle is much more appealing then if the shot was taken straight, also your choice of taking the photo from the ground makes an interesting perspective….top image watch your composition. to me the white shape in the bottom left corner is a bit obnoxious. I would like to see that taken out

  3. Concerning the top image.
    I love that you have used the fence as a “Filters” in which to view something as you use your own photographic lens. Always interesting to see a person through a window, fence, etc. As mentioned some cropping would go a long way as well as a shallow depth of field on the fence or on the person. Obscuring the background or blurring out the fence in the foreground. Possibly pursue using different “Filter’s” in future works.

  4. I like seeing the photographs together. The upper one seems so calm and relaxed, contrasted against the lower photo which has so much energy and movement. In both you really captured the dynamics of the human body and what body language can convey. Very nice!

  5. the second image has a great composition! you did a great job capturing him at just the right point in the air and with the right camera angle to produce a successful image. regarding the first image, i like how you put his head in the middle of the fence opening, however i would have liked to see him on the right side of the frame so that he’s looking out into more of the photo.

  6. i really like the composition of these two images. In the first one, I love how one of the holes in the fence frames the man’s face. In the second photo, I love how your tilted the camera to accentuate the joy of this man’s jump. WIth these angles, it seems like you are peering in and spying on this man in both of these photos. In the first one you are through the fence. In the second photo, it looks like you are crouching down and maybe even hiding, to capture this person’s jump.

  7. I like the lines of the fence in the first image and and how it frames the face of the man because makes you focus on that subject. I also like the angle in which the second photo was taken. It makes the ground appear curved and rounded as the earth actually is. I also think the contrast between the man’s shirt and the sky balances out the picture.

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