11 thoughts on “Carissa Valerio”

  1. I feel that the first photo is stronger than the second. I feel that there is more vibrancy in color. These pieces also remind me of Van Gogh’s sunflowers.

  2. I feel that the second photographs is stronger than the first in terms of your abstract concept. The colors are very vibrant and due to the short depth of field, a little more abstract. The textures are also stronger in the second one as well, in the first the textures are hard to detect. Perhaps if you tried a closer view of the first one you would be able to pull out those textures. I wish there were more highlights and less shadows on the first one as well. the colors are not as vibrant and almost a little muted. I really like the idea of incorporating vibrant colors and abstraction within your project and would like to see a whole series on abstraction and vibrant colors.

  3. To me, you have definitely captured vibrant colors. Overall the compositions are appealing. I personally enjoy the first one better, the red color is very vibrant but it doesn’t overwhelm me like the second one does. Both have great detail and they work well in a set. I like that they both fill the whole canvas with the short depth of field, if there was any side image of a stem or a background, it might have thrown of the composition. Very enjoyable.

  4. I love the vibrancy of the first image but i love the abstraction of the second image. The second image is not as obvious to me that it is a flower because of the composition of it and I like that. If the second image was the red color of the first image i think it would have been more enjoyable. Overall, good job. Great images.

  5. This photograph is like many one is use to seeing in commercial magazines dealing with the outdoors, gardens, vacations, etc. and also instructional books one might encounter in grammar and high school. I think I have seen many images like this and there is a huge market for them. Stock photography comes to mind because these type of images are used so often in commercial publishing. When camera manufacturers advertise to the general consumer these are the type of images they use.

  6. This photograph reminds me of the sort of image seen in a textbook from school that might deal with say science or a related field. It looks like one of the many stock photographs that might appear for general use. The generic quality of the image means it can potentially earn money again and again by being used for multiple purpose. Many mass market consumer magazines have images such as these.

  7. I think that people are correct when they think of stock photography. if you wanted to push the boundries i would play with you focus, depth of field, color, saturation and contrast. making the image a bit more obscure or abstract but the colors stay as the focus of the work.

  8. These pics are retro and I dig them. Very simple and simple is good. Foreal tho they remind me of the 60’s. They’re natural and not over the top, just good old fashion mother nature. Flower Power.

  9. I like the first image is of better quality, but the second image works best at an abstract standpoint. Watch out though, I think the second image is a bit fuzzy, which might be okay for abstract; however, I feel that if you are going to employ the fuzziness to agree with the concept, then the viewer needs to be more convinced that it was intentional.

  10. I think the second image is the stronger of the two. I say this because I feel like I see images of multiple flowers or single flowers all over throughout my day but the second image takes an everyday kind of icon and goes a little deeper. The close up without revealing all of the petals is more interesting to me than the first image that shows almost all of the flowers. I like that in the second image I am seeing things I don’t normally see when I look at a flower. I usually don’t get up close to flowers to see the details that you’ve captured and I think doing something similar with one of the flowers from the top image could still be made into a vibrant image while incorporating some more detail. This doesn’t necessarily mean shooting from the same perspective as you did in the second image but maybe finding another angle of the flower that we don’t typically examine.

  11. Beautiful photos! It amazes me the natural wonder of a flower and the intense color that nature gives them. Strong vibrant colors, yet so delicate and fragile.

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