7 thoughts on “Carol R Howard”

  1. I love the bold colors in this photograph. The detail of the rain/dewdrops really add to it and make it much more visually appealing. Initially I thought the two side roses took away from the overall composition of the piece, but now I think it would be boring if they were gone. Overall, the strong colors and detail make this a great photograph.

  2. This photograph is beautiful. The colors are really strong, and you did a good job making them bold without making them unrealistic. I also like that you did not just take a picture of a flower, but you took it while the rain was on it. This makes it more interesting. I would have liked to see the photograph without the bottom of the flower being cut out, so that there was negative space on the bottom. But this might make it too centered. I think this is a very strong photograph and you did a great job with the color and details.

  3. The picture is composed just right, the flower comes into focus. The lines in the picture are from the flower which makes your eyes wonder throughout the flower. The color of green and the red flower fit together greatly.

  4. In contrast to the other posts, I find this photo boring, and the topic overused. It makes me think that you couldn’t think of what to take a picture of, and decided “Oh, rain on a rose! Let’s just do that.” I think that you could take this image and idea further, making it not about centering a rose with water on it, but instead about the beautiful form of a rose, it’s imperfections, and nature’s amazing ability to create beauty in everything. Also, I’m not sure if this is my computer or not, but the image looks blurry.

  5. I do feel that the coloring in this photo is a bit washed-out. I understand the second person’s comment that you did a good job of making the colors bold while still being realistic. However, I feel that the picture just looks like a normal one that someone could take on their basic point and shoot camera. If that is the case, then it really is beautiful, but if you had a better camera, then it might be nice to try sharpening the detail more and perhaps getting bolder colors.

    I also agree that it might be better to see more negative space below the main flower. That way the top and bottom of the picture would be more balanced. The flower, maybe, needs to be a bit more to the left, as well, though I like seeing that big green leaf in the bottom left corner. It adds interest. A nice composition could be the main rose and the big leaf in focus, no small buds, and the background leaves out of focus. Just a thought, but nice job!

  6. I don’t find this photo to have much of a concept but I do find the color balance and craftsmanship to be top notch. I agree with the suggestion to possibly shoot it from a different angle other than straight on, front and center. I can picture this hanging as a decoration in someone’s home as is, since it’s a beautiful subject, but I think you’d need to convey more of a concept for it to really grab attention and make us think. It’s a great photo to build ideas on.

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