18 thoughts on “Kevin McCann”

  1. Very nice. i like the feel of the first one. Composition may have been a little stronger if the spoon was more off center. And the contrast in the second makes a really interesting photo.

  2. Love the use of line and contrast in the second image. I would like to see a bit more of the detail in the second image. I personally always stay away from really black blacks , and stark whites. Thats just a personal opinion but its nice to show a bit of detail in all your whites.

  3. I love the colors of the first photograph. In terms of being abstract I think the second one is the strongest. The use of lights and darks is very strong. It becomes less about the object and more about the strong lines.

  4. I love the strong lines and vibrant tones in the second photo. The composition is beautifully done. The first picture is not as visually appealing to me, though the color use is great and composition is done well. I agree that the second photo is more abstract. Both are good photos that I enjoy looking at.

  5. I agree, I think the second image is much stronger, both as an abstraction and a photograph. The first photo is too obvious to be an abstraction and I agree that the contrast and tonal range in the second photo is quite dynamic. You could take the abstract quality of the second image even farther by burning out the building on the left side of the photograph, so that the central object we see is completely decontextualized.

  6. I think the colors are a really nice combination in the first image, and I like the composition as well. I don’t know that I find it terribly abstract, but it’s a very nice photo. The second one has a nice composition as well, and I think the lines are really good. I agree with previous posts that the contrast could be altered to make the abstraction more intriguing.

  7. concerning the second photo-really great awareness of your shadows. i would just be more aware of staying away from the whitest white. the lower right whites need more detail. i lose the line of the post.

  8. also the top image…good use of the complimentary colors red and green. i also really enjoy the repeated warm color on the spoon. really has a different warm feeling than if it was just silver.

  9. I love the composition of the second picture. The object takes up most of the frame, and also the brightness and contrast in the picture stands out the most to me. Wonderful job. I enjoy the abstraction of this photograph and the fact it makes me wonder exactly what this object is.

  10. The second image is definitely more abstract then the first. It does a good job of using line and space to create both a good composition as well as a sense of space. The first image does not really fit into the idea of abstract, as you can immediately tell what it is. Also the top right corner on the first picture really bothers me and takes away from the picture as a whole. The image is strong, it just does not fit into the idea of the abstract.

  11. I love the detail in the first photo. You could actually feel the texture of the spoon. There is a great amount of space and line in this composition as well. The same goes for the second photo as well.

  12. This first image has real character. The color palette itself seems slightly washed in warm red/brown hues. But that only adds with this image. I love how the spoon is placed in this photo, it says to me “yeah I’m a spoon in this mug, what of it.”
    The second image is a little lack luster. It’s nice as an abstract form. I wish the sky in the background was either washed out entirely or a lot more intense. It’s in an uncomfortable middle ground.

  13. The compositions and colors used are my favorite aspects of these two images. For some reason, they remind me of mathematics. Perhaps it is because of the simplification of the objects or the pattern contained in the second image. I love how you’ve displayed the personalities of these objects.

  14. The second image is very intriguing. It is very abstract and you can barely tell that it is a structure. The lines and the contrast in this picture are very strong and i love the way the light is reflected and casts the shadow. The only part I do not like is the other building in the background, but overall great job!

  15. I love the second picture. The contrast between the dark shadows and the whites, along with the lines created really draws the viewer into the picture. I enjoy the abstract quality of this picture very much.

  16. I really like both of these photos. They have a monumental feel, and wonderful color. Nevertheless, they seem to be studies, or a part of a larger series. I feel they begin to reference architecture. Is that something you are interested in? If so, what sort of metaphors can be generated by such forms? Great work!

  17. Kevin,
    Your compositions are wonderful. Good use of light, especially in the second image. The first image could use a white balance adjustment I think.
    If this is an abstract form assignment, may I suggest a much closer proximity to your subject. The first image is the one that would benefit mostly from this. Had I not read the assignment details, I would not have guessed your focus was abstract form. I saw a cup with a spoon rather than surface and shape. Nice work overall!

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