Rollins College

Anna Montoya

Anna Montoya
ART 300: Photography II
Digital Photography; 11″ x 17″

Will be used as part of a series of 15-20 images, which will be compiled into one final portfolio to be presented at the end of the semester.

Statement: This is a collaborative project established between myself and the Hope CommUnity Center located in Apopka, Florida which emphasizes the connection between photography, art and activism. Drawing upon the photojournalistic styles of Wendy Ewald and Mary Ellen Mark, the final compilation will serve to provide a voice for this marginalized community, highlighting the issues that they must face as members of a minority group. My work is primarily focused on the youth group (middle to high school age) that assembles at HCC and their efforts to spread awareness about the DREAM act.

4 thoughts on “Anna Montoya”

  1. This appears to be a montage image. It looks like another photograph of the females in the back was added to the rest of the image. I do not think this adds anything else to the image other than another visual. If this is the case we can ask ourselves why are we doing this. Should we continue making other images until we get more images that appeal to us?

  2. I find the montage interesting but i guess i dont understand what purpose the additional photograph image in the back serves. It intrigues me that the two female figures are failing to make eye contact, but i almost wish it was more clear what they were looking at or if they were deep in thought, maybe have the figures more looking past each other then away in opposing directions. I see how the figures in the backround are in cap and gowns, but i feel like i would need an explanation to go along with the photo to understand the purpose they serve, but i also don’t know that that should be necessary. I like that the girls are both in focus while the background is blurred..i think that is a great effect. though that may be why the background addiditional photos look out of place because they are not blurred along with the background. I guess the photo has several good qualities, but just lacks connection for me.

  3. I completely disagree with the other two comments; I think the background image has a very clear and obvious purpose. Correct me if I’m wrong, but here is my reading of the photograph (based on your description, though I personally am not familiar with your particular organization and the details of the DREAM act): being part of a minority group, these girls face certain stereotypes and challenges that others don’t face. Their goal is to graduate (or to have a successful future in general) and they have to struggle hard to achieve.

    That’s the narrative that I see in this photograph, and I would see it just as much even without the background knowledge you provided. One suggestion I do have, though, would be to not have these girls eating in the photo. I think that the plates/food distract from the content (unless you were specifically using certain foods to link them to a particular cultural group, which doesn’t appear to be the case). The eating aspect could confuse viewers and make them interpret this image as being more body image related.

    Nice work so far, I’d like to see more as your project continues. 🙂

  4. I think it’s great that you are using your photography for a specific cause. I like the first image. The faces of the two girls lead the viewer to the translucent image in the center. The composition is good. In the second image, I wonder if the people in the background are distracting. Is there a reason for this particular setting?

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