13 thoughts on “Kristen Kutil”

  1. I really like this picture! The colors are very vibrant and compliment each other very well. The reflection is also a very strong part of the picture and it makes me really want to know what the object is. Great work!

  2. I really like the concept of your series and am looking forward to where you are going to take it. I think reflections provide an excellent source for abstractions. I really like the colors of this print and I am wondering if they are the natural colors or if you manipulated them in photoshop. I wish I could see more highlights in this print because I find my eye drawn to the one at the bottom. Abstraction is a concept that many people play with and I really find your idea of reflections refreshing.

  3. Thank you for your feedback! Actually, the colors in this this photograph being reflected are the natural colors, I saturated the photo a very small amount in photoshop to make the colors pop a little bit more.

  4. The idea of your series sounds very interesting! The colors in this piece are so beautiful and they really draw the eye from the top of the picture to the bottom. Also I like that you decided to work with reflections rather than just making abstract pictures. It gives your pictures a little more pop.

  5. The colors in your photo are great, at frost glance they appear to be painted fields of color, visually I think it’s very interesting. I also like that the colors run in lines vertically, it leads my eye up and down, back and forth through the photograph. Similarly, think it’s interesting the way space is broken up and balanced with the vertical lines in the photograph.

  6. I think this is an interesting photograph. The colors and lines seem very purposeful and make the piece visually appealing. I would definitely be interested in seeing more images in this series. Compositionally the piece is great as well because my eye keeps moving in an ordered way that allows me to see the piece naturally.

  7. I think this abstract photograph is really successful. The colors and lines make this photo very interesting. I like that that lines are all straight but diagonal going their own direction. I also like the curvature at the bottom, it adds more interest and variety. Good job

  8. The color study here is beautiful and the emphasis on line is very dynamic. The vertical lines draw you eyes downward while that slight cure at the bottom keeps your eye from leaving the piece. The one suggestion I would have to clean up the images a bit. There are dust specks and blotches that could be taken out in photoshop. They are a bit distracting. I think the abstraction would push through even further with out them.

  9. I feel that this photo is working very well. I love how abstract the image comes out to be. It makes me think what it is. With the vibrant colors it makes me think of the options it could be. It looks like a glass filled with blue liquid or just a window with the blue sky behind. Very well done, well done indeed.

  10. the colors in this image are beautiful! you did a great job at abstracting whatever object that is. abstraction is a fairly popular theme to shoot, however you make yours very interesting by focusing on reflections and capturing the parallel lines of color. i look forward to seeing more from this series

  11. I like that you have abstracted the image, but there is enough information to hold the viewer’s interest. The lines of color are pleasing to the eye, and the blues are really strong. The width of the lines is also very nice.

  12. I was just working on a similar project. Its nice to see a fresh, successful idea that is abstract but at the same time interesting!!

    The reflection of the colors is very nice, and I love that they are actually different!

    🙂 Good Job!

  13. very interesting to look at! The colors in this photograph go so well together. It is so simple but still keeps the viewers attention. I love how close up and abstract it is. good job!

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