Western Michigan University

RosaLee Ward

RosaLee Ward
ART 3470; Digital Photography I
digital inkjet prints; 8″ x 10″
Series: still in progress; estimated 10-15 images

My work is typically composed of self-portraiture, and with this series I have been really introspective, possibly more so than usual. I think everybody spends a considerable amount of time trying to figure themselves out, and my way of doing that is very literal and visual. Even though this work is extremely personal and unabashedly about myself, my hope is that it will feel relatable to the viewer.

St. Norbert College

Katelyn Gorman

Katelyn Gorman
Art 380: Intermediate Photography
digital print; 8.5″ x 11″.
In a series of about 10.

I am focusing on shooting portraits, but placing objects in between the camera and subject such as a window or curtain. I want to show that each individual has flaws and impurities whether they be physical or emotional.