4 thoughts on “Allison Grimes”

  1. Why has no one left a comment here yet? I think your pictures portray a very powerful message. I love how the subject of war and “broken home” is displayed on a neatly set table. I think it is intelligently executed. Maybe I would have added more dramatic lighting, the fluorescents kind of dim how powerful the subject is.

  2. *refering to the bottom photo* While the message is powerful, the background of this being displayed in a classroom is too distracting. Imagine how much stronger this table set would have looked in an actual home or even a vacant space? The close up details look way better and I feel thats where the strength is of this piece.

  3. I think these images that capture an installation are interesting in the way that they are very “raw.” They are seemingly unedited and maintain the artificial, unflattering light that is given from fluorescent lights in this room. This adds a new dimension of uncomfortable truth along with the concepts of war, and/or family history.

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