4 thoughts on “Ashley Schaffert”

  1. I love the inlay of imagery here. They both have a very melancholic attitude to them. The first reminds me of a sad sailor story where he has dedicated his life to the see and left the love of his life behind. I think the second, has the same sort of feeling. But I can’t articulate it. I think that by having an image in the sail, it sort of alludes to a memory or something worth saving that can no longer be obtained. Both are beautiful. I love the imagery. However, I would put the sail boat in a different setting. The carpet is distracting and brings the dreamy atmosphere of the ship into conflict with the reality of the room.

  2. I enjoy the idea of a photograph within another photograph. I’m especially drawn to the first image because of the subtle portrait. I think the placement of the boat is a little distracting. It might become more of the focal point if you eliminate the background all together.

  3. I really like your photos. I like how there are photos inside the photograph. The sail boast adds great shape to the photo. I think it would be cool to see the photo of the women in black and white. I really like the brightest in the two photos. Great job.

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