13 thoughts on “john bono”

  1. Both images are extremely striking. The top image in particular is very well executed , the repetitive nature of the lights, and the circular aspect of closing in or singling out the nude figure. Even the nude figure you have chosen, and the way he is posed does not look forced and looks quit disturbing with the crushing and en-gulfing feeling of your composition. I think the negative space also adds a lot to this image, and I would love to see what else you have to offer in this series extremely interesting and startling.

  2. I think that is is very interesting the idea of exploring one’s self. I like how abstract is the first image and the connection that the others have with it. I think that you have a good start point with those.

  3. I really like the tunnel feeling i get from the first photo! i love the reflection of a lens glass, but i feel it would be a bit stronger if you could zoom in a bit and fit the lens in a better placement on the page. Other than that, I like it!

  4. I feel that the top photo is unique and really stands out. Its has an extremely creepy factor that makes the photo engaging and keeps me looking as if Im not seeing the full image on whats going on. I find a connection with the man in the center and start to be overcome by emotion. Because the top image is so powerful it give the seconded image to stand as less interesting to me. I feel that you have to much negative space around the image making it look like a film-real.

  5. The First image is Beautiful. it just grasp a person and does not let go. the whole collection feels like film stills, this is find to be great. the audience is then allowed to enter the film of the subjects life and actually see a series of events unfolding in front of both the audience and the subject. it all feels vary inviting.

  6. I love the top image. It is so eye catching with the bright colors and high contrast darks. I also really like the use of the negative space in your images, although the top image is a lot more powerful to me. I do not get the same kind of connection or interest in the bottom image as I do in the top.

  7. I find both of these images interesting in very different ways. In the top one you’ve created an impenetrable and complex space, that on one hand reads as glass orb encapsulating a figure, and on the other appears to be some sort of lens. The second image is more concrete in its comprehensibility as an intimate interior space, but is at the same time foreign and strange for its glowing blue light. Both images strike me as voyeuristic, in a really provocative way. Your use of color is somewhat reminiscent of Nan Goldin and Sue de Beer.

  8. I agree with the above comments. I feel like your top image is the strongest because of the instant connection I get from the subject. I like how you placed the subject to have a “under the microscope” view. It conveys so much feeling and emotion that I feel as if I am intruding on his thoughts and struggles in life. I would love to see you expand on this theme.

  9. This series is visually strong, the lighting and shadows gives it an extremely dramatic feel. These have a very natural feel to them, and the top image is especially interesting with the circular lens and the reflection. The lighting and dramatic feel of the bottom photograph reminds me very much of Gregory Crewdson’s work. He sets up great lighting and does alot of nude portraits. Overall, this series is great.

  10. I agree that this series is visually strong. The use of light and shadow are very strong in both of these photographs. I do however, have a stronger connection to the first photograph. The framing really draws my eye to the subject and the emotion they are feeling. The use of black at the edges really helps my eye go immediately to the center of the scene. I like the feeling of viewing the subject through the lens of the photograph and the lens they are contained in. It a wonderful new approach to nude photography. I like the second photograph and think the lighting is beautiful. I just don’t have as strong of a connection that I had in the first photograph. It reminds me of a film still with its sequencing. Try placing only one photograph of the subject in the photograph. I think I get a little distracted by the multiple photographs in one. Great series though and look forward to seeing more.

  11. Your strength is definitely lighting. The first image is way more powerful and speaks more to the concept than the second one but both are executed well. When I see these images, they really tell me a story as if you are trying to find yourself or you’re overwhelmed. I want to see more!

  12. I love this. It’s conceptually strong, Its developed quite well. The model is posed very well. It evokes a strong sense of emotion. I think if the lens flare was taken down just a bit, that would cause less distraction in the photograph. However, the lowlight photo is beautifully done. I love the added bits of color.

  13. The very first image is what initially caught my eye with these photos. It is a very interesting way of exploring the concept of self-portraiture. Great work!

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