7 thoughts on “Kristen Seeley”

  1. At first I did a double take when I saw your images– these are very interesting objects!

    I like the way that the images are working together. I especially enjoy the image looking at the objects in the box. For the image out of the box, I might try lighting more evenly to reduce the shadow. Or perhaps try stronger lighting to really accentuate the shadows that are cast.

  2. I really enjoy the mixing of human body parts with the boot. I feel the use of line with the laces provides interest without distracting from the image. This piece reminds me of the work of the Surreal Artists with the almost spooky combination of flesh and cloth. This was a well thought out work and well executed.

  3. I agree with Sarah, lighting is key. When I first saw these, I thought they were video projections.

    Just to be clear, these photos are documentation of a mixed media sculpture you did?

  4. Doing some similar projects right now, these pictures caught my attention right away. I like the boots and reminds me of neanderthal feet, or something similar. The material photographs well and I particularly like the purple or indigo
    in the boots, it really stands out with the red and browns. I think showing the boots in the box first and then showing the display would work better because at first you assume they are a pair of cool looking shoes, then you would notice they are not typical shoes. I think I would actually wear these.

  5. I wish that these two images were taken from a more similar angle. Showing a close relationship between the way they were taken will give the photos more unity. Wonderful lighting and color balance though!!

  6. Kristen,

    I really like these photos. As a sculptor and performance artist, I’m interested in the background of this piece, I’d love a little bit more information. I think the objects could have been lit a little stronger from the front as the images are a bit too dark as they are. I do like the second image, though, with the “boots” in the box. I think the crisp geometry of the black box works well with the tattered object.


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