6 thoughts on “Alex Milinski”

  1. Alex,

    what if you were to place yourself or the suggestion that a person had inhabited this space. for example, what if we just saw someones feet appearing from behind the tree, or if there was a spot where the dirt and branches were moved around to suggest someone had been there. Just a suggestion. miss you!

  2. When I look at this photograph I am left wondering what the circular form is behind the trees. Is it a tunnel? I notice there may be water within (or some reflective surface) It looks like a man made structure in the midst of a dreary autumn forest.

    That form is the most compelling element of this photograph, but you don’t give it justice. Is this another example of mans hegemonic relationship with nature? Could this photograph be about nature’s omnipresent destructive power to degrade abandoned architecture? Is this a magical form in the middle of an empty wilderness?

    I’m interested to see you define this space more thoroughly.

  3. This is an interesting composition, but I feel like it could be pulled back just a bit to give the trees framing the sides (especially on the left) a little more room. I also think the colors are a little flat, and with the variety of tones and textures in the image you could really make them stand out more if you wanted. And I do agree that more emphasis could be placed on the tunnel or whatever it is to further separate it from the natural landscape. I would be interested to see how your work progresses!

  4. This photo is interesting in how it is framed on both sides by the trees. To me it is slightly too busy and hard to read. I think it becomes about the relationship between the man made drain and the natural environment, but it lacks some sort of pop. It also could be the colors. The image seems a little dull and washed out overall. I think it could benefit from some post processing.

  5. i think this is a very nice formal photo, but as others have said before it needs something to really make it pop, whether that be an action a suggestion of action or maybe even making a really large print (30×40, 40×50). could add to the mystery and concept of the idea.

  6. I like the mystery this image has. However I would like to see the tunnel in the background be more the focus. As it is now the trees over power it and it kind of gets lost in the background.

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