3 thoughts on “Leo Siciliano”

  1. I notice the title “which way to go” connotes an uncertainty of motion either metaphorical or physical. Before the video starts, I open my mind to the the possibilities of motion. Where will this video take me?

    However, the title is juxtaposed with the video’s continuous, high-speed, forward motion. Is this an intentional commentary? I would be interested to read your artist statement. I think this work could be greatly informed by more pieces that explore a similar process of filming.

    In addition, I notice in a couple of frames the camera sees the side of the car window. I find this distracting, have you considered cropping it out in final cut? or maybe reshooting?

  2. I agree with the first post, The video was interesting in the fact that the title asked a question, but the motion of the video seemed to be in one predetermined direction. The shots in which I saw the van you were riding in were really distracting to me too. I’m not sure why, but it bugged me right away. I also think an artist statement would help this piece, or possibly making it slightly shorter in length.

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