U of Wisconsin, Madison

Olivia Baldwin

Olivia Baldwin
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
2 of 20

This series is comprised of photographs of people close to me. I asked each of my subjects to identify the area of the body they are most self-conscious or uncomfortable revealing, which I then photographed. The majority of these photographs were taken outside or in a public setting, making the subjects more aware of their physical insecurities, while simultaneously forcing them to expose these insecurities to the world.

20 thoughts on “Olivia Baldwin”

  1. I love the concept of this set. The exposure of peoples physical insecurities has made what they to believe to be ugly, beautiful. I also really like the composition of these images.

  2. I think the concept and the images are both beautifully done. I couldn’t help but notice that you did not photograph the people’s faces. I wonder how this series would change (if at all) if you titled each image with the name of the person being photographed?

  3. I think the concept of this series was a great idea. I loved the idea that the people being photographed were in a public area exposing their insecurities to everybody. I also like that you can’t see anyone’s face which makes a viewer relate to the photo better, knowing that other people may deal with the same insecurities that they do.

  4. This is a great series of photographs capturing the human form. The human body is a great canvas to create on and create with. Nice job.

  5. I really enjoyed these photographs. The media rarely expose’s women insecurities and has really forced women to feel this way about their bodies. You capture this perfectly.

  6. The color in these photos are great. Great idea behind these photos and i believe they are captured well. The form of each works well with the idea. Good work.

  7. I think the lighting on the skin in these photos is fantastic. It really brings attention to the texture/feel of skin as well as the detail of all the cracks and groves.

  8. Interesting concept, however If the performance of “exposure” is important to your concept, why have you chosen to exclude visual information about the public place? The performative aspect of this project adds an interesting dimension to your idea, but i don’t see this in the work you posted. These look like private studio shots.

    Not photographing the subject’s face makes the body an object. I think this is fitting as many people experience a kind of “myopic” distorted body image. However if this project is about the subject as an individual and his or her personal body image I think including the face is important for the series- even if the face is photographed as a separate picture.

    another thought: Have you considered using distorted mirrors to emphasize the subjects distorted body image?

  9. I like how rich the skin looks in the photos. I find it interesting these people are insecure about these body parts as I cannot see anything wrong with them, in fact they look rich a beautiful. The process of transforming these body parts not into something just beautiful but into art makes the viewer question the validity of their own insecurities. Almost anything can be beautiful I guess.

  10. Your idea was very unique and creative and I think that is what makes this series of pictures so strong. I like how you can see every little detail of the skin. It is very interesting you chose to not show the faces. I think it makes the pictures stronger by not revealing the identities of the body parts.

  11. they are technically really nice, the colors juxtaposed of the skin and the sheet colors work nicely. however, part of me wishes the legs was as close as the hands picture just because i feel like that picture wants to be intimate as well.

  12. This is a very interesting issue to investigate. Media has made men and women(women especially) self-conscious about their appearance. The way you portray these figures gives the photographs an private, intimate moment not meant for others to see. I enjoy the shadows and highlights in both pictures.

  13. I enjoy the composition, the placing of the hands and feet are placed perfectly. I would like to see something more interesting done with the lighting.

  14. The concept of the piece is what I found most interesting. The way it makes the subjects really focus on what their insecurities are, and then is magnified for an audience. It gives a new perspective on being self-consious about something. The composition of both pieces is perfect for conveying the concept; zoomed in and focused on what is important.

  15. I really love the concept & the photos! I’ve always wanted to do a series similar to this because if there’s one thing the human race has in common it’s that everyone is self conscious about one thing or another. I think the compositions are beautiful and very well laid out. The colors are fantastic and I enjoy the focus.

  16. I find this idea very interesting, especially since you said you had these pictures taken outside or in a public space. It would be interesting to have each person write a little statement about how this experience made them feel, and maybe include that in one way or another. I also find it interesting that women were the subjects used. I think that men have just as many insecurities as women do, but they just aren’t as obvious because they don’t have make-up or different clothing to cover it up…

  17. The concept that you are using with your photographs is really brilliant. The idea behind working with friends and getting them to show areas that they are most self-concious with really helps both of you push pass boundaries that you have set up for yourself. Furthermore, you have done a beautiful job with the composition with having critical hand/feet placement. However, the only thing i would say to change is the lighting. With a stronger light source you would be able to create more shadows along the curvature of the body.

  18. I had thought about doing a similar project before I even saw your post. I absolutely love the top image; you are really getting close and intimate to a subject who already feels self conscious about that area of their body and now you are amplifying their insecurities. I think it is great that, when photographed both subjects bodies look beautiful and healthy. Reminds me of the Dove advertisements for real women.

  19. What an interesting subject to cover. Your friends must really trust you to allow you to photograph their insecurities. What I really like about these images, is the thought behind them. Everyone is self conscious about something, and most of the time we find it ugly. The thought of you photographing an “ugly” subject and making them beautiful is what I really enjoy

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