U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Nicole Peaslee

Nicole Peaslee
Art 552: Studio Practice and Research in Photography
digital prints; 4″ x 7″
Series of three

This series shows the connection of emotions and experiences through the extension of the physical human form with instances occurring in nature. A human subject is placed in each composition with a specific reaction to the scenery that depicts a personal experience, memory, or emotion. Subjects interact directly with an object existing in the space. The feeling of loss, abandonment, and absence are expressed. It is about how something or someone can be present in one’s life and is suddenly gone. The subject-object interaction shows how it’s hard to detach oneself from what was once there.

Kellogg Community College

Rachel Gault

Rachel Gault
ART 230: Digital Color II
Digital Photograph; 8″ x 8″
2 images of 10

Description: This project was called “Old is New” and we had to shoot a digital picture through a medium format ground glass. It was challenging but the end result is very unique. I decided to do the Where is Waldo, but in this case a mystery man theme. In all the images he appeared as a small figure in the landscape.