23 thoughts on “Joan Wetherill”

  1. There is a certain quality to these images that almost makes them seem like portraiture. The first photograph is soft and elegant, reflecting the silhouette of a female figure. At first glance they seem like commercial photography, but when looking deeper they are much more interesting.

    1. I agree, these look just like portraits if flowers could pose for the camera. However I don’t see the feminine silhouette as much as I see the repetition of of a pattern.

  2. What an elegant piece of photography. The black background brings out just how sharp and high quality the photographs really are. These photographs really show how much attention to detail can pay off in the long run. Very nice and well done photographs.

  3. The black background really makes these flowers pop. Especially with the yellow flower. I like how the stem of the flower fades out of focus and flows from the top of the photo.

  4. Both of these photos are really beautiful and show great detail. I especially like the yellow flower. The curves of the petal are very fluid, painterly, and intriguing. They make the eye follow the disappearing stem into the black background, wondering what lies beyond.

  5. I am agreement that the black backdrop really makes the details of flowers stand out. While I find both of these photographs beautiful, I am drawn more to the second one. The line and curve in this photograph is very powerful, my eye moves quietly through the photograph were as in the first photograph my eye has a hard time moving through the details. I really enjoy the depth of field in the second photograph. It really helps create a peaceful essence with the soft blur of the stem in the background to the gradual focusing in the foreground. I really enjoy the the colors in the yellow flower.

  6. I love the how the darkness of the background brings out the crisp color of the flowers. I also enjoy the almost abstract shape that these photos consist of.

  7. Before reading the description of your photographs, I immediately referenced Georgia O’Keefe. The bottom flower especially seems to similarly reference genitalia. I’m not particularly familiar with Robert Mapplethorpe, but I noticed (after doing a little Google search) the second photograph of the Calla Lily directly references: Calla Lily, 1987 by Robert Mapplethorpe. However, I think giving the flowers a deep black background does have a very different feel from the purple background he chose. The yellow and green against the purple seem to pop slightly more than they are in your photograph. Overall, especially technically, nice work.

  8. The black background was a great choice. It really makes the color and clarity of detail stand out. The stillness of these photos gives the viewer time to appreciate the detail instead of moving their eyes around. I find it interesting, especially in the second photo, how the flower fades away into the blackness.

  9. Soft and subtle blending between the subject and the black background together with limited number of color usage of the second photo, gently, yet clearly accentuates the yellow. Such delicate quality seems little less prominent in the first photo due to the harsher blending between the white and the black.

  10. The top photo lacks the depth the yellow orchid has. Putting the focus on one bloom definitely adds intrigue to this composition and draws more attention to the details of the flower.
    Also, the angle the flower comes from is much more interesting than from the bottom up.

  11. I love how you only focused on capturing one figure in your photo with amazing contrast. Having the dark background really allowed the flowers to stand out so powerfully.

  12. I think these are beautiful. The choice of the black background was a great idea. It really makes the colors of the flower pop and it makes them look very clean. I like how in the bottom one the flower starts to disappear into the background at the top.

  13. The photo of the yellow flower is definitely my favorite one. The black background really makes the yellow of the flower and the green of the stem really pop as well as shows other colors that may not be seen other wise (like the blue in the stem and the green in the yellow flower). It also has an interesting angle showing the flower coming from the top of the frame rather than the bottom.

  14. Both of these photos are very eye applealing that they have that pop to them. It’s the contrast between them; not just that there’s black and white. There are both vibrant colors and a flat black background, that makes the subject standout.

    With that being said I also like the contour lines of the flower that give it a certain glow to it. The pedals of the flower standout more than the stem. Which makes both of these photos more appealing to look at.

    Finally would have to be the lighting effects in the two photos. The light truley bring out the dimension of the subject, and brings out the main focus of the flower.

  15. There is certainly a strong presence inspiration from Mapplethorpe in these images, but I think you have done a really nice job of making them your own through form and color. Great selection of flowers. I especially like the yellow calla lilies– the slight green rim around the flower is a beautiful touch.

    Great work with these! Keep going!

  16. I love the pureness of these photos. They are so bold with the black background, and the lighting really softens the yellow flowers.

  17. I really enjoy these photographs. The colors are vibrant and the compositions are great how the stem especially seems to fade out. Really well done. I’m wondering how big these images are originally, because I think the small size on here just don’t do them justice. I think printing these large scale would be better.

  18. The second photo is the strongest for me. I enjoy the sharp contrast between the black background and the flower. I also like the shadow that is cast over the stem of the flowers so that it almost appears that they are just floating. The flower itself reminds me of a desert with it’s petals having a smooth hill like contour.

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Normally a photo of a flower isn’t that interesting, but by isolating the flowers with the black back round you really made these images pop. Wonderful job!

  20. Beautiful images! The colors within these pictures work so well. Even with such a simple subject matter, I want to continue to look at these photos.

  21. These are beautiful prints. The precision and clarity in each is stunning. I think the composition in the bottom picture is stronger.

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