15 thoughts on “Meredith Bakk”

  1. The weathered and aged subjects in these photos reflects the weathered and aged family farms in the U.S. Capturing these images on the farm give us a glimpse into the past. There is a great composition in these photos, using the line to your advantage. Everywhere you look there is a formal line leading to another detail.

  2. To me, these pictures seem like a study of texture and color unification. I like the skewed angle of the bottom picture, as if all the materials are weighing the shelves down. Vivid!

  3. I really enjoy the color in both of these photographs. There is a real vintage look to them. I do think that the door centered in the top photograph works. I would just be interested to see how it would look off center. I really like the straw on the floor it adds a lot of texture to the photograph.

  4. I love the vivid color in these two pictures. The top pictures is my favorite. The composition is done very well. I would love to see the rest of the series.

  5. Hi Meredith-
    The first thing I noticed about the second image, here, is how beautifully lit it is. The next thing that registered was how much I love images that provide lots of places to look within one image, just letting the eyes explore all the mini-scenes in the larger frame. I would love to see this printed at approximately my height and be able to approach it from a distance.

  6. This series in great because they tell such a strong narrative in just two photographs. These rusty, broken, and dirty objects represent the hard working-class of America, and these photographs really get that point across. The composition in both these photographs is excellent, especially the colors with all of the objects in the second one.

  7. Compositionally, I think that both images are very strong. The use of color works well with the worn down feel. You nailed your concept! I very much feel the beauty of the aftermath of hard work.

  8. I love the idea behind these photos. I’m working on a project with a similar concept, so it is interesting to see another take on it. I especially like the top photo of the door. There is a certain stillness that brings beauty to the age and beaten up quality of the door.

  9. Man this really brings me back and reminds me of home. The junkyard in the front of my grandmothers house. Anyways, the composition of both of these photos are beautifully done.The sens of lines working with the doors really make the subject standout. What I find the most intriguing part of these photos is how the colors are vibrant, yet there is a wear and tear feeling to it. This is very unusual for my sense of taste.This two images are very well done, great job!

  10. I love all the texture in the top image. Even though the image is small, you can still see the detail in the wood, the hay, and the dirty glass. The colors are great as well in both images.

  11. These photos are very interesting, i like how theres kind of a visual noise about them. I especially like the top one because of the texture that the wood and the hay create. I also love the dark red color with the goldish brown color of the hay, it gives the photo a rustic look. I feel like the bottom photo could have been composed a little better though because it looks like things were just randomly placed in a room and then you took a picture of it.

  12. both of these photos have great composition, i love the way they illustrate how beautiful junk can be, it its merely in the eye of the beholder. the lighting on both photos is great.

  13. The textures and colors within these two photographs work really well together. The old farm feel always make interesting photos. This looks like a very interesting place to shoot, and the lighting looks perfect.

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