8 thoughts on “April Peebles”

  1. These photos have such innocence attached to them. Whenever people see stuffed animals, you almost automatically associate them with childhood. These allow the viewers to reflect on their own childhood as well. The idea of showing the stuffed animals worn out implies that they were used a lot that they were really important to you. Great job!

  2. I really love these photographs. I actually was looking through my stuff from childhood and stumbled upon some of my favorite stuffed animals and it brought back so many memories and feelings that I had forgotten existed. I think your photographs have a similar impact. Although they aren’t my cherished possessions, they speak to so many of the memories of childhood. I think that the color of fabric you chose to photograph against works really well with the color of the animals. I also like the angles and positioning of the animals. They both appear to be so innocent and inquisitive. Nice work, I’m excited to see more!

  3. They texture for both of these photos is great. They make me think of my childhood too. They bring back some great memories. I also enjoy how the bottom photo seems to be looking at you’re directly. I feel a lot emotion with this one because of the great angle.

  4. I really like the placement of the bear. You were really successful in giving it a personality. I like how the head is positioned just right so that it gives the feeling that the bear is questioning why you are taking the picture.

  5. The bear is very interesting. I think it is working well with the background and the placement with in the frame. I like how you chose to have it gaze at the viewer. The bottom one is not working as well for me. I think the animal and the background are too close in color and maybe it is too foreshortened. I do really like your idea behind the images and i agree that other people can reflect upon themselves through these images.

  6. I really like the concept here, portraits of something that is important to you, and each one seems to have a story behind it. I think the contrast could be improved for both photographs, especially because you have so much control over the subject and composition, it’s hard to see the white animal on a white background, taking away texture that could really add to the photographs.

  7. I love that you’ve made this so personal and I also really think your studio like white backdrop set up has a lot of potential. However, I think that for such a personal tie to you the pictures aren’t saying much. I would consider what different lighting and different angles could do for your photos. Youve got great framing and consistency in composition and subject matter, the only thing i would suggest is some more time on editing to get those whites looking white.Great Job!

  8. I like that these images are so accessible to almost anyone. As children, we all had a favorite stuffed animal or blanket or toy they we took everywhere with us. It is as much a part of our childhood as any experience we had. It was there to experience everything with us. It was a constant in a world always changing and growing. Though we grow out of them, every time we see or think about them, it takes us right back to our childhoods. Whether it’s to a specific memory or just the nostalgia of a simpler time.

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