7 thoughts on “Nick Zukauskas”

  1. Both of these pictures are printed really well. The lights and darks work, and even though the picture is so small in this format, i can see detail on the trashcan in the lower picture.

    The content is interesting, it feels very familiar. It reminds me of a road trip, and the things you see along the way.

    The fact that there are no people in both the pictures works really well. The presence of humans is all these ugly objects we’ve set up all over the landscape around us.

  2. I feel that the burger king sign in the bottom image is a bit distracting. Labels, especially one as generic as Burger King, kind of ruins an image for me. But the top photo is the complete opposite. I really like how it appears to be in the middle of nowhere. it almost looks like it was taken in the 60’s or 70’s. The sky looks great also.

  3. This has Ed Ruscha written all over it. I like the deadpan aspect of it. These are subjects that we walk/drive past every singe day, and almost no one looks twice at it, or even photographs it. This makes me want to go and look twice at the various billboards around town.

  4. I really like the isolated feeling I get when I look at these photos. They both look abandoned and dead without having any people in them. I think having the pictures in black and white makes them a lot stronger. I also like that these are everyday buildings and signs but do not actually see that they could be captured into very beautiful photos.

  5. the first image is by far the most interesting to me. it speaks to American culture, appropriation, the landscape of rural America. the second image is not as effective. I like the black and white that also add to the conversation of the historical aspect of photography.

  6. These images are very interesting to me. I their old-fashioned look, and, as mentioned above, how they capture a sense of history and American culture. There is also a great use of lines throughout both images. Even though they aren’t exactly beautiful objects, they are really powerful photographed. I think black and white works really well with this. It wouldn’t have the same effect in color.

  7. I enjoy both of these images. They have a sense of isolation about them. I also enjoy how you can see that barren landscape in the background. A classic example of urban sprawl and Americana.

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