22 thoughts on “Minsuk Choi”

  1. I think the second photo has great color. I like how the red of the lady’s coat brings out the red/pink tones of the buildings. I also like the distance the photo was taken at because it makes it more interesting than seeing the whole length of the buildings and all of the woman’s body.

  2. Both of these photographs are great! You did a great job capturing something we all see everyday and maybe don’t realize or care to take a picture. I like that there is a lot of stuff happening in the first photo. You move from person to person and to the great colors of the flowers. Great color in the second photo as well.

  3. I really enjoy the colors in these photos. For me, the second one is far greater overall then the first. The first one seems blurry, which distracts me. The second one’s composition is also better and I really enjoy the richness of that woman’s jacket. It is shot in an awkward perspective which I think lends itself well to the photo. I really wish that triangle of the car at the bottom right were not there, but other then that I really enjoy the shot.

  4. I wish the woman in the bottom photograph wasn’t cut off so much. All the vertical lines of the building are so striking, I think the photograph should continue those lines instead of being so horizontal. Then the woman could be more integrated into the image too.

  5. The composition of the top image is more successful because of how you chose to crop. We are given just enough information. There is always something new to find within the scene as your eye wonders around the image. Some elements are partly cropped or visually obscured adding to the temporal, hastened feel of the busy street. Well done.

  6. Not to contradict Kelly but I prefer the second image. I think that the blocks of color keep my eye moving around the picture where as in the first image I look at the lady in the center and the flowers.

  7. I think these photos effectively make use of color. The second one really shows a division and balance of color throughout the whole composition. The cropping, especially of the lady in the red coat, is a little awkward though. The first photo is shot from an interesting angle, but i wish the woman dressed in tan was more in focus.

  8. I love your use of really bright blocks of color throughout both prints. The way the scene in the top picture seems to be tilting towards the flowers is very interesting. I also enjoy the vertical lines created by the repetition of buildings in the bottom photo.

  9. I find the angle in the first shot very interesting and like the vantage point of the flower stand emerging from stage left and the sidewalk opening up to show more of the city scape.
    I feel the first image is more successful than the second image, I would have like to have seen the woman less cut off in the shot, though the colors on the buildings are great!

  10. I really like the colors in these photos. It brings a euphoric feel to them. The bustle of the older woman being in the city gives you a feeling of overwhelming springtime

  11. I love both your photos. I love the color and composition in the first image. The flowers are so pretty and appreciated in the photo. The angel of both photos in very unique. Keep up the great work.

  12. I really liked both the color and angles of each of the images. I think it really brought the street to life and captured the essence of the street. I like the colors of the buildings contrasted with the lady in bright red. I also love how the image was more focused on the flowers, but you could see the busy street behind them. I also liked how the lines on the sidewalk almost go with the angle the camera is tilted.

  13. I adore these photos, they are so candid yet so composed. Your use of colors is so pleasing and fun to look at. The second photo is so interesting because you managed to capture the single subject. It makes what I assumed was a busy city look small and lonely.

  14. The colors in these photos really pop, especially the contrast the bright flowers and jacket have against the more subtle background. The second photo really captures my eye because of the lines that the windows create in the background.

  15. The buildings and all the lines help to keep these photos interesting. I think capturing these moments straight on might have been a bit much, so I like how you’ve tried unique angles to capture the subjects. I think the color also really pops in these.

  16. I really enjoy the first photo! I like the vantage point used and the vibrancy created by the different colors of the flowers. Similarly, I enjoy the colors of the buildings in the second photo. However, I think that this photo could have been stronger if the lady and pole followed the rule of thirds instead of being in the center of the image. Overall, I think these are fun photos that capture the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.

  17. Hi Minsuk,
    I really enjoy your second photo! I love the composition of the buildings within the frame and the position of the subject relative to the colorful buildings. A few suggestions for this photo is to play with the brightness and exposure a bit, increase the saturation, and increase the highlights or whites to make the photo pop more. The first photo is lacking to me because it’s out of focus; I’m not sure if that was intended, however, I’d like to see more of the details. Nice work.

  18. I love the chaos yet calm feeling I get from these images. There are so many colors and different parts of the image to look at, but the subjects in each picture is calm, just going about her day. You feel like you are peaking into a day in the life of this woman’s life without it being intrusive.

  19. Hi Minsuk! I love the second picture in this series. Love the pastel colors of the building and I think the lady in red at the foreground provides a nice contrast to the picture. I also love the composition of it. Not sure if it was cropped but you did a good job on that picture. One thing I would improve on is to take the picture without the rod in the right side of the picture because it’s quite distracting. But good job overall!

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