8 thoughts on “Anna Grossman”

  1. I really like how this photo captures a moment. It helps that the people in the picture seem unaware of the camera. The photo expresses a certain emotion through its content, lighting, and expressions of the subjects. I think the boy’s hat adds a nice pop of color and pattern to the photo which otherwise mostly natural tones.

  2. I think that you have captured a great moment between these two people. I think that the composition is nice, except for the blue sign in the corner. I am immediately drawn to that first, expecting to find some that I can read, like with the text on the bottom. It might help to desaturate it a little more, so that the boys hat is the most dominate pop of color.

  3. This picture instantly made me smile. I love that the words, “The hysterical heap” are included, and the way they are placed at a funky angle, along with the silly hat that is worn by the younger boy. The whole picture just fits together so well!
    I love how the background is out of focus, and the area that is in focus is not centered. In fact, what is in focus also “pops” with color, which makes the eyes travel around the photo. I love to see something like this where (I am assuming 2 siblings) are getting along so well.

  4. I love how this picture captures the boys’ emotion. I also like the way that the boys are in focus and in color, while the background is out of focus and in black and white because it creates a strong focal point and sense of balance. The only thing I would maybe change is the text on the piece, I feel like it looks a little out of place, but other than that i love it.

  5. this picture drag my attention. it just like picture from movie. the ISO and white balance are really good. the peoples express looks nature. it just don’t like other picture already set up. DOF are shallow, it is good to pop out people in the picture. the people weren’t at center, which makes composition more interesting.

  6. A true happiness is captured in this photo, its not something you can just tell someone to do, its very in the moment. Im not sure if your really need the text on the image, because the image says it itself. The text to me was a distraction, but still a very good photo.

  7. This is such a cute moment. I agree with other comments that the text is distracting, I think the photo could absolutely speak for itself. I think it might also be interesting to center the subjects.

  8. I love the emotion and love in this picture. You can definitely tell the relationship and happiness between the two subjects, which builds a story between them. The viewer is definitely inclined to build this story and go on staring at the image.

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