32 thoughts on “Hannah Blatchford”

  1. I am really intrigued by how you have distorted the traditional use of the horizon line in these photographs. In the first image it is so low and the white stripe in the middle makes it look like you cropped out the ground that the viewer would be standing on if they were looking at this landscape. It makes me feel lost in a way, or at least off balance. The second, the use of the cloud break is where a horizon line would be but at the same time it is the opposite – just the sky. But, the telephone poll keeps the viewer grounded somewhat. At first I couldn’t decide if I like it our not, but I keep coming back to it because it is so peculiar. Very interesting,

  2. This series is visually attracting because of the space in both of these photographs. The low lighting in both of these photographs makes them great, and in the bottom picture it almost looks like a painting. The use of space throughout these pictures make them very good.

  3. I absolutely love the simplicity of these photos. The way the composition is so minimal and simple really give the photos a feeling that they could be anywhere in the U.S. In a way, I wish you wouldn’t have included the semi in the top image, but its always hard to judge part of a series when the whole is not included. I love the colors of the clouds in the bottom image, it feels almost as if they were painted. Great job!

  4. I love the second photograph. I love the subtle color and the lamp post balances the photograph out very well. Wonderful use of negative space.

  5. I love these pictures! It may have more of a personal value to me, because of the fact that I grew up in the country and now live in town, but I am not sure. I don’t know for sure that’s the idea you were going for, but that’s what I instantly thought of. I love how simple they are, but how much of a feeling they evoke. Also, the clouds in the second picture are absolutely beautiful. You picked a perfect day to shoot!

  6. the semi bothers me a little in the first image, but i still love it. The misty atmosphere is great, and i love that the horizon line is so low. I also love the birds (or what I think are birds?) far off in the distance in the bottom image. Personally i thought that they made the image much more interesting.

  7. im from the midwest and i think these are really nice portrayals of them-the colors of the photos emanate a strong feeling.

  8. I am in love with the play with the horizon line in these. With the second photograph its interesting how the seperation between the first line of clouds and the second line of clouds almost creates a horizon line. And there is something about the simplicity of the 1st photo that pull me in.

  9. Hannah,

    You should check out work by Terence Munday, a photographer living and working in Tasmania, Aus. I curated a few of his photos into a show last year here in Madison, and I think you could pick up some great ideas about framing and scale from his photos.

  10. I really like these photos and the simplicity of them. I like how they both relate by having the horizon line in the same place in each one, although in the second photo it is the break in the clouds that causes the horizon line, I like that. I think the top one is lacking some interest, so It would of been better if there were clouds or something in the sky, instead of it just being plain. I also like the simply baby blue color in each picture. I would like to see the other ones in the series.

  11. I really like the way you cropped these photos in a broad horizontal. It really captures the emphasis on the expanse of sky which seems to be the focus in each shot. I do think that the truck cab could have been cropped out of the photo on top.

  12. I love the composition of the photo with the lamp. Great use of negative space. It keeps me looking at it. I do agree with another comment that the first photo would have been more appealing if it was further cropped.

  13. I love these both. I would love to see the rest of the series, because I think they are beautiful and also intriguing. They are simple, yet very powerful. The cropping is wonderful and they seem unified. I feel like it’s almost addressing sort of a relationship with our human existence and something greater, maybe the universe or a higher power. I could be looking too much into it, but I can’t help thinking that there was something deep behind these because of the similar ways you included a small amount of humanness to the bottom right corner, and focused mostly on the sky. It seems like something more was going on here and I think you have very excellent work!!

  14. The set of photographs use the idea of space nicely. The top image is the stronger of the two. It captures the flatness of the area and for how far the land actually stays that way. The sky feels a little washed out, which could just be how it was on the particular day. I would like to see you take this photograph on a day with more clouds in the sky. Something to make the pale blue color not take up 75 percent of the composition would make this much more interesting. Combining the sky used in the bottom image with the landscape of the top image would change things drastically.

  15. I’m really intrigued by the placement of the horizon line in the top image being located so low that then highlights such a vast sweeping sky overhead. The use of the truck just entering the image on the right is an interesting placement and reminds me of moving back in time.
    The second image is very painterly, the clouds have alot of depth to them.

  16. I like the framing of these photos and placement of the horizons, it almost seems to push the viewer into the sky. The fact that the second image is below the first one also adds to this effect when the only land is a tiny sliver placed between two skies.

  17. The way you choose to crop your images is what I find the most interesting about them. These photos are soft and beautiful. I want to see more.

  18. I really like the sense of peace that is created in your pictures. I also like the compositions of these two. Very clean and wide. Feel like being in a movie scene.

  19. I love the simplicity of these pictures. I like how my eye is drawn towards the one item that is darker than the washed out look of the back grounds. I love the contrast from the clouds and the sky it gives it a less saturated look and has a cooler feel.

  20. Dear Hannah,
    You did an asking job showing the lines that brake up the clouds. I like how you incorporated the light pole it really helps break up the photo.

  21. Great photos! Both are very simply but still amazing. The overall photos are calm and set a great tone. The sky was perfect in these photos! Would be very interested to see what this sky looks like in a silhouette.

  22. I enjoy the baby blue color you have used in your photographs and it takes me to a very serene place in my mind. You have captured a very peaceful and minimal image that is sometimes really hard to do. This almost reminds me of a movie still placed in the countryside. And it almost somehow looks a little too perfect. I also like the fact that you have muted the other colors and have left just a blue and white color scheme. I think it would be very interesting to see a whole series of horizons for you to do, whether it be different locations or different times of the same place. Great job overall!

  23. I loved how you used space for the two pictures above. I am in love with the second. It gives a heavenly feeling. If heaven exists the second picture would define how it would look. Beautiful!

  24. The way these images are cropped makes them so successful. I love the way space is created, and how the “horizon line” has been manipulated in a way. I really like both of the pictures’ lighting, but what I like the most is the semi truck in the first picture. To me, it’s just barely coming into the frame, which causes severe discomfort. It would be so much more “natural” if it wasn’t there, but the fact it’s just peeking in is what I enjoy about it so much. There’s a sense of tension that’s created, and that contrasts with the image below it.

  25. Both of these photos are amazing. The lighting is very delicate creating an airy and magical feeling, and I really like the way they’re cropped to be so wide.

  26. Referring to the last image: I really like how this image is panoramic—we don’t see those all too often. I also like how the photo is taken from eye-level with the top of the post and not down below. This is a perspective we don’t see all too often and it gives the feeling as you’re in the clouds with the image. The detail of the clouds is really interesting, and although there’s not a lot in this image, I think that works well for it.

  27. The negative space creates a feeling of vastness in the first photo. Both photos expertly use this technique to draw the viewer’s eyes to the landscape in the first photo and the lamp in the second photo.

  28. Stunning. I love how to composition is just a bit off from where the photo might typically be taken. I also like the choice to crop the photos in this slightly cinematic way. The color on these photos is also really well done for the tone.

  29. I love the feeling behind these images. I feel very comforted and safe from these images. I think it is because of the colors and the softness of the clouds and the amount of space left in your image. I like how they fill up the entirety of the photo, this adds to that feeling.

  30. I really like how these two are so different, but still connect. They coexist very well. They work off each-other in a very nice way that keeps drawing my eye in. Its almost like I’m looking at the same picture twice even though they are very different from each other.

    I love the simplicity and the color scheme. Its mainly white and lighter colors used. It is very simple, not much going on, but at the same time feels so complex.

    If I could give advice on one thing, I would suggest maybe adding a third picture. I feel this could add a whole new way to look at this piece and possibly change the meaning depending on what it is. Maybe a third picture that is dark. This will stand out compared to the other photos because they are lighter.

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