10 thoughts on “Kelly Knutson”

  1. These two images are very pleasing to look at. The old weathered material really works with the setting, because it is a dark and gloomy place. Although there are hints of light through these images, it serves to give enough detail to see other subjects. Nice Job!!!

  2. Both of these photos are awesome! I really like the lighting in the top photo. It is bright enough to show plenty of details and information but the dark shadows on either side make me wonder where this is and what other objects are in the rest of this room. the bottom photo has great space and line with all the tires lined up on the shelves. I think a lot of people can relate to their basement, garage or shed looking like this with all the miscellaneous boxes and junk. I think the lighting is also very strong in this photo.

  3. I absolutely love the top photo! I didn’t notice the man in the door way at first, and because we can’t fully see him it creates a sense of mystery. The light showing through the door has a great effect, especially on the shovel and door itself. It helps these objects better show their color and texture.

  4. I find it really impressive how pleasant you were able to make the flourescent lighting appear in your second photograph. I agree with the previous two comments that the lighting in these two photographs is really fantastic. Are these two only photos in the series? Because you’re using artificial light in one photo and natural light in another, I’d be interested to see what lighting choices were used in other photographs in the same series. Great job!

  5. I really love the top photo. It feels like its telling a story. The lighting is nice and I get a good sense of focus. The second photograph looks very cluttered compared to the first and doesn’t have a clear focus to it, so my eyes skip around the image. I would have liked to have seen the other photographs to see how these two fit in with those.

  6. I love the richness of the texture and color in these images. The lighting works very well and the contrast makes it very interesting.

  7. The lighting is what instantly drew me to these two pictures. This farm has to be a wonderful place to shoot with all the textures and old “interesting” things laying around. The image with the foot coming through the door is my favorite. The light that the door brings in is what makes it such a strong picture.

  8. The light looks gorgeous in these photos. The earthy color tone works well with the weathered material. This a cohesive, aesthetically-pleasing way of making mundane objects interesting.

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