5 thoughts on “Liz Newman”

  1. These photos really jumped out at me with all the very vibrant and bright colors. Both photos have very strong repetition of shapes as well as color. These both go very well together and I really like them. The top photo is more interesting that you overlaid the white fabric with the bigger flowers and it creates more depth and space. The bottom photo is very cool that each paper has a different, personal message and it makes me wonder what all the pieces of paper say. Both photos are very well done!

  2. The colors and shapes that one can see in these photographs make them interesting. The multi colored post-it notes are very interesting to me, because of the bright neon colors. I also would like to read a few just to see what they say. The shapes on the top photograph make it interesting and there is a certain texture that has been captured here and i just want to touch it.

  3. Your photos definitely caught my eye with the bright colors within them. The bottom photo is very relatable to me, because I am constantly writing little reminders of things I need to get done, and that photo reminds me of my own room. I also like how some cards are overlapping while some are straight and others are slightly crooked throughout the photo.

  4. These photos speak to me about the idea of repetition of shapes. The vibrant color palette is attractive to the eye as well. I think it might be interesting to play with repetition within space instead of such shallow areas. Overall, great photos.

  5. The color in these photos give off a fun feel and and really make your eyes pop open. I like the juxtapostion of the bright post its on the dark wooden door. I wish I could read what all the notes say, but that would definitely detract from the composition as a whole. I also really like the clarity in your photos. It helps establish the colors with a crisp look.

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