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Greer Zimmerman

Greer Zimmerman
ART 330: Medium and Large Format Photography
Digital Print
2 of 4 photos

Two in a series of four photos dealing with hue, lighting, the subject’s awareness of the photo, and the use of negative space around the subjects. I plan to explore this subject a little more with a reshoot and would love feed back and guidance with what to do next.

19 thoughts on “Greer Zimmerman”

  1. Absolutely love these compositions! They’re both very well balanced, and I like how both subjects are framed. The lighting is really nice too, the subject is a bit dark in the top image though. I’d like to be able to see a bit more detail in his clothing.

  2. your subject in the top photo is too dark. you have that great light coming in through the window on the wall in the left, position the subject against that wall and use that light. the second photo is a nice use of that cool, blue light that happens when photographing in the shade. Some suggestions for your next two photos might be to use some warm, red light that occurs around sunset. Also, hydrogen sulfur lamps from street lights makes for a strange greenish -red hue that might be interesting to play around with.

  3. the top photo is too dark. use that light coming through the window that is lighting up that wall on the left side of the image. move your camera or subject to use that light better. Also, for your next two images, trying using that nice warm, red light around sunset. Hydrogen sulfur lamps from street lights makes for an interesting greenish-red hue that might be fun to play around with. That second image is a good use of that blue light that occurs in the shade.

  4. I personally like the lighting in the top photograph. Its interesting that the subject isn’t perfectly lit. It adds a sort of veil and darker mood to the photograph. I think it’s far more interesting than the 2nd photo

  5. I wonder how the first image would be using HDR? You might eliminate the blown-out window, and regain some more detail with the interior. Since you’re dealing with the subject’s awareness, I would agree that the room wouldn’t have to be perfectly lit, but try out HDR and see what you can do. In the second image, I like what you’ve done with the blue, but again it seems like we’re losing some of the detail, and the subject is blending in a lot with the steps. Maybe experiment with darker jeans or something to make the subject pop a little bit more.

  6. I think that both these photos are great attention-getters. In your explanation, you said you were dealing with hue and lighting. I think the blueish-gray tones of these photographs and the particular subjects is beautiful. Great color harmony. I find it interesting that both subject matters are in the center of the photograph but it still doesn’t seem flat or unbalanced. My eyes still wander through the composition and back again to center.
    I do wish the lighting wasn’t so overexposed in the first photo – although I do realize that the angle the photo is taken at that would’ve been hard to do.
    And for some reason, the second photo’s model doesn’t seem as successful as the first.. Maybe it’s the facial expression.
    Great photos though and interesting idea!

  7. I am so drawn to the message of this series of photos. Two types of people. Same day even. It’s more of a capture of life. I like the blue light in both. Very cold and crisp. I enjoy the contrast as well. Great work.

  8. These images definitely make me feel something with the blue tones. I feel a sense of time of day and emotion. I can see myself in that spot when I view the picture. I feel that your work would benefit from photographing people of all ages. Right now it feel like college life, but maybe older and younger people will improve your series.

  9. I really like where you’re going with these. The color are great as well as the lighting and compositions. Simple, yet very effective. I prefer the top image, just because I think the lighting is more interesting- the outline of the sun outside is a cool effect and I like the colors better. They both have different emotions to them. The first feels way more comfortable and quiet, where the second feels more exposed and it’s almost like he is waiting for someone rather than just hanging out like in the first. Good work!

  10. This set of images really makes me think about whats going through the minds of the subject. Also the lighting in the first image is really amazing and I think working with natural light is what really makes these photos great.

  11. I really like these images as a starting point! The top image is a tad too dark. and the bottom one I think it needs to be a bit sharper. Otherwise great job! I would love to see the reshoot.

  12. I love the use of negative space by placing the subject in their own space–it gives the photos a sense of comfort. The hues are also nice. I agree that the top photo is too dark, but I like the darkness of the bottom half of the photo. It would help if you lightened the subject of the photo to bring him out more.

  13. For the first one, the details of the shadows (sofa, face) seem a bit lost and the highlight is too bright for me. Perhaps this is what the author wants to create, high contrast. Love the code blue vibe of the second one, fantastic kob

  14. I love the cool lighting in both photos, my favorite is the first one. There’s a comforting isolation about it, almost like a cool winter day.

  15. I really like how your pictures are pretty monochromatic. It deepens the feeling of your picture, and gives it a very melancholy feeling. I also like how the first picture has the lighting from behind because this makes the subject a little darker, which again adds the melancholy feeling.

  16. These are very raw and real. Well done! I think playing with hue was a very interesting idea for a photo set. I feel like I am really in the photo. I like that they are also composed in a very natural way.

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