31 thoughts on “Henry Werrell”

  1. I think that these are pretty cool images. I think it was a good idea to use a shorter depth of field so that the background would be blurry and not distracting. I think I am drawn to the first image more because the way the face was lit seems more dynamic and less flat. In the second photo, i think that the falling zipper in the face is a bit distracting.

  2. These photos are really interesting and definitely something I would of never thought to do. They make me feel like i am upside down with them. The lighting in the first picture is definitely more dynamic and interesting than the bottom photo. I think it would be interesting to see a whole body shot in a series of these photos

  3. Interesting! I never would have thought to have done upside down portraits. They make me think back to my childhood; handing from the monkey bars and such. I do agree, though, that the falling zipper is a bit distracting.

  4. I do find these photographs interesting and I like where you are going with it. I would be interested to see these photographs if the subject was not centered. I do like that they are in black and white and not color. I am interested in seeing more.

  5. I like how the pictures turned out. I gives you a different view on people because you never see then upside down. The composition is great that you just focused on the faces and nothing else. I do wish that the faces were not always in the middle like if you only seen half the face.

  6. I really like the confusion that is brought out by these pictures. The fact that the hair appears to be standing straight up makes the viewer take a second look to really observe what is going on in the picture. I would have to agree that the first picture is more visually stimulating though, due to the shadows, which brings more depth to the image.

  7. these are great, and I think i would love to see them in color (the blood rushing to their heads and all). keeping the straight on makes the composition very strong, and adds to the surprise of seeing faces pulled in another direction. very cool, nice work!

  8. I like the upside down. It presents an interesting point of view. Maybe it would look cool if the photos were actually shown upside down as well.

  9. These photographs put a spin on the idea of a portrait. I love the upside down angle and really enjoy the rich lighting on the face of girl in the top photo.

  10. This is a very interesting way of doing portraits. It would be neat to see a series! Maybe even doing a could sideways.

  11. These photos really make me feel like I am in the picture, upside down with the person. You have almost created an illusion of falling. It would be interesting to experiment with different angles.

  12. Dynamic lighting really makes these photos stand out from the others in this category. They’re fun and very relatable because I’m sure everyone has hung upside down and let their hair swing. I’d like to see full body shots to compliment the up close portraits. Nice idea.

  13. I love the perspective on both these pictures. Also, the expression you captured in both models is very interesting – they are very nonchalant about being upside down. They act so natural that, if it wasn’t for the floating hair, you wouldn’t know they were hanging. Excellent job!

  14. I really like the different viewpoint you expressed with these photos. It almost make you want to turn the computer upside down! The shallow depth of field really adds to the photos by making you focus on the small details in the model’s faces and their expressions.

  15. I’m interested in the subtle changes of a face from a normal portrait. They show human face, we rely on to recognize others is in fact a malleable thing constantly under the effect of gravity. I’d get rid of the hair and other obvious indicator that shows this is an upside-down portrait, and take another portrait of the model standing, and display the two side by side, to show how gravity can change one’s appearance.

  16. Wow! I had no idea people were still commenting on this stuff. Thanks for all the input everyone – in case anyone was wondering, these were done with a 4×5 film camera, hence the b&w look, I scanned them in with a computer and did a little post editing, but this was basically out of camera. I’d like to give this project another shot, maybe do a huge series of portraits like this… if any of you are interested in other work I’ve done (even though it’s incredibly old work) check out my simple little website at henrywerrell.weebly.com – it needs a serious update, but some of my favorite work is there. Always looking for input, so thank you!

  17. This set is really interesting! I love how the composition of the photo let’s the viewer see where your eye is looking and it’s cool to see how you expressed this idea. I think you captured their expressions in pure form.

  18. Very interesting, however I think the composition would be stronger if they were not centered. Also the zipper is distracting.

  19. I like these photos a lot! Makes you think about how the picture was created and the deeper meaning of that. They’re very playful photos which is awesome! Good work with these!

  20. I like how you created your art from trivial things in our daily life. The illusion you created in our photos really reminds my to keep an eye on my surroundings! Great photos!

  21. I really like these images and it was creative! I liked the lighting on the face in the first one, I think that it made it more intriguing and different! However, I think you started something that you could do a lot with, try not centering the faces or blurring the background a bit more!

  22. Love, love, love these photos. They’re so playful and fun to look at. An interesting way to get a portrait of someone that you don’t see often. The expressions on their face also make this photography and the fact that they are black and white leave the imagination of the colors to the audience. I feel by this way, depending on what they are feeling, different colors pop up into their minds and makes these images unique in a different way again.

  23. I like that you used a shorter depth of field for these images. I think it helps the viewer focus their attention on the details of the subject. I imagine the process of capturing these photos was interesting. I admire your creativity!

  24. I love the concept of these photos, they remind me of being on a swing set as a kid. They are playful but are artistic and well composed. I love the second image, it feels so effortless and the expression on the subject’s face makes it seem as if nothing is odd about being upside down.

  25. These photos give a great change of perspective from the normal portrait style. It also leads me to think about what they were doing upside down, bringing me back to my childhood when I would hang upside down on the monkey bars.

  26. These are so fun! I like to play with trying to capture hair as well. It can be so beautiful when you can capture it in an interesting way. I think these are very unique and I like your sense of creativity and wonder.

  27. I love the life behind these two images. They both have a very happy yet melancholy vibe to them, which emulates the feeling of being a kid and being upside-down. It’s a very interesting take and idea of literally taking someone and putting them upside-down. It brings up a lot of ideas and points about identity and questioning ones self.

  28. My initial reaction to these photos was to chuckle. They are fun and light hearted to me. The way you have the people physically up-side-down but then flipped the photo so the people are actually coming from the right direction makes it made me stop and look at the image for a while. It almost one of those situations where you know something seems different but you aren’t quite sure what’s going on. That all made for a fun viewer experience.

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