Beloit College

Jessica Slattery

Jessica Slattery
Art 330: Medium and Large Format Photography
Silver prints; 13″ x 19″

This series was photographed in an antique store in Beloit, Wisconsin called Angela’s Attic. The concept was animating inanimate objects, particularly bringing the bizarre inhabitants of the antique store to life. These photos were part of a series of four.

26 thoughts on “Jessica Slattery”

  1. I think that the subject matter of your photos is interesting. I feel like some of the details get lost in the use of black and white though. It is hard to see the light colored figurines on the white table as well as the light figurine against the light background in the second photo. I think that the use of color in your photos might also do more to animate them and bring them to life.

  2. I like the idea. I think that the bottom photo was more successful in the execution. You did a great job shooting the objects in a way to make then appear bigger then they are. The contrast is very nice and both are printed well.

  3. I enjoy the ideas that you have in both of the images and how you are playing with scale.
    The bottom image appears to be a piece of heavy machinery but the shallow depth of field make us re-examine it again. It is nice that we see the doll and helps to confirm that the tractor is actually a toy.
    In the top photo I think that it would be interesting to see a close-up with the hair and each figure. At first I thought that the figures where of boats or surfers caught in the waves of the hair.

  4. I agree both that color would help animate the images, and that the second image is more successful in execution. I really like the concept, and would be curious to see how they would look in color, just to see that detail we might be losing due to black and white. I also wonder if pulling back a little bit on the second photo would give a different feel to the overall composition…it just seems a little tight on the sides and I would like to see more of the tractor in the frame. I think you did a nice job printing with tone and contrast, and I like the depth of field you used.

  5. I really like the composition of these photos. It takes objects that have been put away for a long time and gives them new meaning and purpose. I think that by them being black and white, it makes the viewer pay more attention to the form of them rather than the color. possibly helping emphasize their antiquity.

  6. Jessica,

    Great photos! I agree with some of the posts above. I feel to animate these objects color is essential. B&W evoke more stasis than action. With that said, the B&W does provoke something different within these subjects. Instead of animism, they begin to feel abandoned – something that they might be, trapped in the flea market waiting for a little boy or girl to give them life again. Compelling.

  7. The images are dynamic in black and white. I think you have relayed your concept pretty well and and found interesting, strange subject matter for the images. One thing that can be improved is the animation of the objects, something to suggest movement. Shooting images in an antique store is very compelling and a great idea.

  8. I really like both of these. It’s successful because not only are they beautiful photos, but you really captured in both what you stated above. They seem creepy, in a good way. They are both lifeless and obviously old objects, but the way you arranged them, it seems as though something was manipulated somehow or brought to life mysteriously. Very cool!

  9. there is something very intriguing and beautiful about these pictures that I love. They are weird and creepy which I find is kind of the best concept for me. I really like that these prints are black and white and it works well with the subject you photographed. Nice job and I really look forward to seeing more of your work!

  10. I enjoy the eerie mood of the top picture. The uncanny mannequin head really catches my attention because all the tiny figures are interacting with it in one way or another. Also, I really enjoy the tension created in the bottom picture by the framing cart and the constricted position of the baby doll. The depth added by the three planes (back, middle, and foreground) on the bottom photo is well executed.

  11. Great use of black and white photography to create these almost creepy images. They’re really unsettling, featuring abandonment and dismemberment. Black and white was a good forum for these pictures as that deprives them of any vibrance really leaving them feeling old and neglected.

  12. I think that both of these images have effective compositions with a hint of unsettling creepy. I would like to see more detail in the smaller figures I feel they get lost bit. I like that we don’t have the whole story line and wonder what what is going on. Very interesting photos.

  13. I love how these photos are connected by the similar small dolls in both. I also like how it takes a second to find the doll in the second one. It makes you keep looking. I think you accomplished your goal well.

  14. the two objects are interesting and bizarre to look at. It makes me want to know more about them. Who owned them first? where did they come from? Very fascinating topic.

  15. The contrast in the photos is beautiful, your darks are very dark and your lights are light. The way you photographed them is also successful, making the objects appear bigger than what they likely are.

  16. I thin you framed these objects well. Both objects are interesting, and make me want to know more about them. I would like to see how this would look like in color though, I feel like some details get lost because of the use of black and white.

  17. I think this is a very interesting series. I love the black and white effect, which helps enhance a scary feel. I really enjoy the first image. I am intrigued on exactly what it is trying to portray, which makes it more interesting. I also like the tight framing of the image. Would love to see the last two photos in the series.

  18. I really like the first picture because it creates its own scenario that invites me to explore. It’s creepy and beautiful at the same time. I think this kind of style is what I am looking for all the time.

  19. I think you have definitely brought these antic items to life. The way you have highlighted certain areas of the face and the structure in the second photo makes it seem more humanistic than it originally was. I think you have a really good balance between black and white in your photos and I wish there were more photos to see and compare each other with. The composition you have given the photos also works really well because it’s at an odd angle. Usually, when people take photos of static items, they are straight-on to give it that plain feeling. But the fact that you gave it a different angle gives it more motion and liveliness to it. Great job!

  20. These are beautiful! I think the choice to do black and white helps to make these more mysterious and bring the viewer in. The first picture is my favorite. I like the composition of the figures in the figure’s hair.

  21. These pictures definitely speak for themselves and are very interesting. Both of these pictures require the viewer to stop and look at them for a long time, which has a very powerful affect on a person. I particularly like how the objects look very abandoned and you have brought meaning back into their existence.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I think that the bizarreness you wanted to capture was successfully done. I agree with some other commenters on how the high contrast of black and white loses some of the details. I suggest going down a filter or dodging the hair line in the first photo and burning the small dolls on the table. Overall good job.

  23. As someone who was dragged into many antique stores by her mother when she was younger, I think you’ve done a fantastic job capturing that sometimes eerie feeling that antique shops can present. I also appreciate the format, as I don’t think these images would have achieved the same sentiment taken digitally or were represented in color.

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