19 thoughts on “Stephanie Nutt”

  1. I really enjoy these two photos. They give me a kind of macabre fairytale feeling. I love how green the first one looks. They make me wonder what the other photos are, though.

  2. Nice job. There is something about images that use artificial light with the night sky that I like. My only suggestion is to use more of that natural night in the background as in the first image in the rest of your images. It adds a lot to the overall mood of the images.

  3. The eerie light in both images is really effective,it gives the sensation of happening upon something secret in the forest.

  4. I like the color/tone/mood of these images but I have no idea what’s really going on in them. It may be because the images are so small on this website but I’m not able to see what’s going on in the well-lit areas. I don’t know if thats intentional or not.

  5. I agree with most of the comments as well. The top photo’s back ground atmospheric natural light is absolutely beautiful. I’d love to see the same for the woods in the second photo because at the moment even though the darkness is eerily beautiful, there is a suffocating tension created by the immenseness of it. They would look SO stunning large (big dreamer I know!). great skills Stephanie!

  6. I really like the concept that you are achieving in these images. However, I wish that you had a close-up. I feel like I need a magnifying glass to see what the objects in the center are. For that reason, I prefer the first image to the second because I have more awareness of what is really happening.

  7. i really enjoy these works. they are like the sinister side to your last series. i think the tone is right on. its very theatrical and dramatic. it suggests narrative without hitting me over the head with it. Awesome job!

  8. These photos are great they both have good composition, everything comes in clear that has to be clear. I like the light sources you have in both of the pictures. The green light I think is the best because it gives a eerie feeling in that picture.

  9. I find these photographs very intriguing. i have never experimented with artificial lighting at night, but would definitely like to in the future. I have to agree with comments above, the natural light in the first picture is beautiful. I love how it accentuates the branches. I must also agree with the other close-up comments. I like that I can see what’s going on in the first picture, but the second one is slightly confusing. These photos would be enhanced if you were to make them larger.

  10. These are really cool and different photographs. The idea of lighting objects in a dark space (like outside at night) definitely creates an alienating feeling for viewers.

  11. I enjoy the fact that it is unclear what is actually in the light. Leaving the subject somewhat of a mystery lends to the overwhelming feeling the darkness creates.

  12. I agree with all of these other comments. I really enjoy the the lighting and the negative space the darkness gives to your imagery. I love how the red and the green respond to each other in the first image creating an erie type of little red ridding hood narrative.

  13. I love the dramatic artifical lighting used in both of these pictures. I like how the first one uses more natural light, which lights up the background more & makes the eeriness of the photo that much more prominent. Like all of the previous comments, I really wish the photos were larger that way the items that you took time setting up, were more easily viewable. However it might just be the website. On a positive note, I absolutely love how some of the colors sort of pop out in the photo, like the pink in the mattress and the red of what looks like a knapsack. Overall, they’re both amazing photographs.

  14. I love the use of color in both of these photographs, it gives off a strange sort of creepy feeling. The dramatic lighting is done really well. It reminds me of a fairy tale gone wrong. What is the idea behind these images? Overall, these pictures are great, they compliment each other. However, I am curious what the bottom image would look like if it were taken at another angle, rather than, straight forward and centered.

  15. I like these photos a lot because of the focus of the subject. If I could change anything it would be the composition. Maybe try the same shot, but from another angle to make it more interesting. Other than that I love the idea of isolating the subject with harsh light. The sky also plays a key role in these photos. I think if the sky were all black and not a little lit up the photos wouldn’t be a strong. It kinda gives an erie feel to the scene and thats what caught my eye the most.

  16. Beautiful contrast between the lit subject and the dark backgrounds. I like the top image better because the green light really adds to the mood inferred by the surrounding trees. I might place these lit focal points to either side though, just to make the composition more interesting. Also, I might try lightening the photos and enhancing the contrast, so the interesting patterns of the trees are more visible, making the composition more interesting. Great story and mood portrayed though.

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