Western Michigan University

Eileen Meslar

Eileen Meslar
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 24″ x 36″

In my current series, I am taking portraits of individuals who take a path along the train tracks in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was drawn to photographing this group because few people I know personally would travel along this path bordering the tracks. I wanted to find out whom would choose to walk along the tracks and why. I interview these individuals to learn more about them and the path they are traveling. I record their voices when they respond to the questions, “Where are you coming from?” and “Where are you going to?” I also ask them to tell me about themselves. By pairing each sound clip and photograph together, I would like to shed light on this group of individuals who are often overlooked.

2 thoughts on “Eileen Meslar”

  1. These are very clear and concise portraits however I think they could be stronger if you incorporated more of the interview/finding out about he individual process in the photographs. I think the portraits will then be stronger when paired with the audio.

  2. I would like it if you allowed a little more of the background into the photos. Where they are going is interesting, but first I want to know where they are.

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