8 thoughts on “Kathryn Jamieson”

  1. I love the image’s use of line. The ceiling photo really makes you look into it, and the repetition of lights and cups makes these photos go well together.

  2. Your use of horizontal lines really works well in these photographs, but more so I think in the second image. The combination of horizontal lines and diagonal lines, in my opinion, make that photograph purely about line in relation to the semi circles of lamps.

  3. The use of lines and also the use of circles and repetition in these photos is very nice and it makes them relate very well to one another even though the photos themselves don’t have a lot to do with each other. I would have liked to see more blurring in the bottom photo. great photos.

  4. I like how you managed to take very everyday objects and abstract them. I had to do a double take of the ceiling photo before I realized what I was looking at. The repetition in the shapes (lights and glasses) could make for a boring image, but both are composed in an interesting arrangement. Good job!

  5. I like how you took one object and through repetition, made it into something abstract. Compositionally, the first image is my favorite, but I wish there were more highlights in the glasses, seeing as they usually reflect a lot of light. The second image does a good job of balancing lights and shadows. I’d like to see more images that are like these.

  6. Your image of the glasses intrigues me. Its a great observation of refraction and light interaction with the glass. Wonderful contrast accompanied with depth of field creates a sense of space in this scene. Obviously there was a lot going on in the background environment. You were able to isolate your subject well without completely removing it from any possible narrative that surrounded it.

    your second image makes good use of repetition of geometric shapes. I think the deep shadow area in the foremost ‘corner’ could be better defined. Its may not be necessary for every deep shadow to be dodged, since the repetition is so consistant. It may be appropriate to show that shadow detail a bit more clearly.
    I like how the lights don’t overpower the areas that they occupy. Its overall a good balance.

  7. I love the patterns that you create in these images. You keep it simple and balanced, easy to figure out what the objects are that are creating that pattern. Well done.

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