7 thoughts on “Michael Bruny-Groth”

  1. I love how both of these photographs are composed! Both subjects, if photographed very straight-forward could be really boring images that have been done many times however how you have framed them keeps my interest. The top image specifically interests me…it looks a bit surreal.

  2. I enjoy the horizontal lines in each picture because it helps tie them together. I also enjoy how these photographs are framed. Not being able to see the whole object adds depth. To me, the colors seem to give the pictures an almost antique feeling. I think the pictures would also be very intriguing if you played with the saturation.

  3. Both of these photographed, although of different subjects, are very similar. You considered the composition very similarly in both and which I think makes for an interesting series. I feel like you can use the frame of the camera to your advantage to create a coherent body of work.

  4. The top one is definitely more interesting. it’s not how one would usually look at a house, and with the color palette being so minimal, it just looks so striking. I suggest to keep on finding these situations–the ones that stand out. The tractor one could push that composition more

  5. I think the use symmetry in both of these prints is a really strong compositional element. The subjects are abstracted and formalized somewhat, but their essential qualities are highlighted making the viewer hyper aware of the object’s details. Over all I think the top print is a bit stronger than the bottom. The dark shed composed against that dove grey sky is very striking and slightly ominous.

  6. The grunge look of these images is what attracted me…I normally would not think of these objects as art but you captured them in a way I find cultivating.

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