2 thoughts on “Jacqueline Kursel”

  1. I love these portraits! There is something magical interesting going on between the viewer and the subject. I see you are in Intro to Photo so this may just be the start of your series. I think you should def continue with this type of themed work.

    Helpful tools:
    I would like to see what this looks like with a filter on it. Just a little more contrast.
    Also if you turn these into digital prints at anytime it would be really easy to use the dust and scratch tool to help with the stuff on your negative. ( am a digital person for that exact reason)

    Really good work!

  2. I also really enjoy the concept of this work. It works that the two people are in the same background, but positioned in different angles. I also agree that these pictures need more contrast. They seem to be gray. I would like to see them pop. I think the major strong point is the source of light and shadows.

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