14 thoughts on “Ashley Schaffert”

  1. I think this piece of work is really interesting. I like how there is a visual noise about it. The top one might almost be a little too dark, the bottom one is more vibrant and gives off more energy. I also like the different angels that the subjects are taken from.

  2. I really like the colors and the feelings in these two photos. Each photo feels like it’s either got a lot of emotion behind it, or some kind of tragic story. Especially the bottom one where it seems like you caught the movement of someone falling, I really like this one.

  3. These photographs are very interesting and has left me wondering how you accomplished them. I really like the water element in both of these prints. I think the first photograph is the strongest of out these two prints. I like the angle of the figure in the first one and how the figure is highlighted in the middle. The like how the blue fades to black at the edges. Very interesting photos.

  4. These photographs are extremely interesting. To me it looks like it’s a ghost like figure that’s floating around in the air or water. It leaves me wondering how you accomplished such a thing and if it’s a real person or not. I also like how they are dark and grainy looking. Also, the use of different angles, it creates an overall spooky feeling. Very nice photos.

  5. These are great photographs. A couple of comments mention that they don’t know how you did this affect – I don’t either which makes the photos that much more interesting. The figures are defying what we know about gravity and space and I really like that. The chosen colors and the saturated look really give off an eerie vibe which is great. All the elements seem to come together really well to give a great overall visual effect. Nice photos!

  6. I love the somberness of the images. I feel lost in a good way when I make out what you are doing compositionally. I want to know what’s going on. I keep going back and forth between both images to make sense of what’s going on. The colours play a majour role and create a massive mood, which ties back into that somberness. Great work.

  7. These are so mysterious! I would love to know how you created them. They are very interesting. I think it lacks much depth since both photos are dark, for the most part, but you are obviously going for the more artistic look so it works. Your photos stand out as artful and unique. Good work!

  8. I really like the color and composition of both of these photographs. The vinegetting works really well and really sets the tone.

  9. I too love the noise in these photographs. Very visually interesting images. They make me confused, and I feel on some levels good work does that to a viewer – makes them feel an uncomfortable emotion that they can’t really express. Well done. Great colors, interesting effects.

  10. The graininess of these images really adds to the mood of the photos. I think they go together very well and have a very deep sense of meaning. The sensation they give off is almost like choking for air.

  11. I really enjoy the dark and mysterious mood of the images. The grain of the photos really adds to the overall feeling of the picture. Nice job!

  12. I really like the composition and setting of these two pictures. The mood is unsettling, and so is the figure. It looks like there is water involved, which makes me wonder how these shots were taken. I think the first picture is more successful than the second, however. The way the figure is “suspended” in the center of the composition, and the rotating of the body, makes for a compelling picture. Great job!

  13. These photos are so dreamy, unsettling, and capturing all in one. The color palette and noise really helps tie in this feeling. It’s almost like a vintage Halloween photo.

  14. The mood in these photos is captivating. It is very mysterious and dark. I also like that there is movement in these photos and how the subjects appear to be floating in the air and water. Overall, I think these are strong photos that evoke curiosity among viewers.

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