7 thoughts on “McKenna Shaffer”

  1. I love the 1920’s feel about this piece. The pictures are incredible, my favorite one being of the man in the bottom with the hat. The way the sun hits him & the clarity of the pictures is amazing. I love how you tied in newspaper clippings & a map into your concept. The pictures sets up the concept nicely, however the set up of the pictures as a whole matched with the clippings & push pins brings it to a whole other level. Great job, I love it! :]

  2. definitely feels like a beautiful mind,i think it is a solid attempt at a classic concept. Not sure if I feel the authenticity though, if fulfills the expectation of an old school investigation board, but I just wish it pushed a little more.

  3. I think you did a great job with your idea of trying to portray a 1920’s investigation board. Your use of string, push-pins, black and white photography and old newspaper clippings brought together in your photos is able to capture the viewer and place them in that era of time. The one area you could have improved on is making the “board” even bigger so that the viewer can really get the idea of how critical it was to capture Frankie Gravano. Great work!

  4. I really like the visual aspect of the map. Here i have something – a person or building – to associate a place with. There is also a sense of movement and direction. These characteristics all fit well into your series concept, but I also really enjoy them as they stand alone. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be about an infamous gangster – there is a possibility to turn more personal.

  5. I love the theme and story behind this. Feels like a mystery case. Great composition on how the photos and paper were aesthetically placed. Very vintage and also clean-cut.

  6. i love how the images show a process of thoughts. The changing angles are also a really neat way to show different perspectives of the actual board itself and the thought flow of the investigation. I love the pop of color on the white background and the spacing and overlap of images. It keeps your eyes moving though the whole image. Well done!

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