University at Buffalo

Megan Brennan

Megan Brennan
ART 314: Extended Photography
Social Fabric

The works on display re-situate some traditional female artistic and domestic activities. A series of large photographs explore the ties women have historically been bound to by food and clothing. Weaving becomes a predominant theme and method by which these gender duties are examined. One of the works of this exhibition is an organic woven tablecloth depicting a myriad of images that seamlessly integrate over and under one another. The methods that bind these photos have also been bound to women over the centuries. The subtle references to the female gender also push and pull within the relationship of the organic and inorganic lifestyles that have evolved over time. The evolution is not perfect, nor complete, but the cloth is still being woven.

13 thoughts on “Megan Brennan”

  1. What I liked the most about these photographs was how the traditional female role was portrayed. The materials in the pictures directly to the woman’s traditional role, which are usually recognized pretty quickly. The high contrast brings an almost emotional value to them, and draws you in. It not only shows the changes that women have experienced and initiated within society up until present day, but how they are still happening today. I feel that if more examples of more modern stereotypical gender roles were used, the message could be broader.

  2. Not only did the first picture capture my attention entirely, the explanation made me feel a completion about your work. The context of your work is well thought out and I found my eyes wondering throughout the pictures, weaving along with the composition. You took a stereotypical view and – through visual images – explained your thoughts in a new and innovative way. Visually, the texture and the mirror-like images kept me interested in the photos. Personally, I find your work very effective in producing a reaction within the viewer, which I think is exactly what art is intended to do. Great work!

  3. I really love the first photograph. It captured my attention right off the bat. The image itself is very interesting. You can keep looking at the picture and find something new every time. I did not know what the concept was until after reading your explanation, but now I notice the strong connection between your imagery and the reference of the female gender. The contrast is exceptional. I do, however, wish I could see the other works on display as clear. It may help to emphasize the ties between women.

  4. These series of photographs are abstract. They display the female role in a way where it you have to continuously look around and find what objects were used help send the message. The contrast make it much more powerful. Great emphasis.

  5. I do not think the focal point in the second photo is clear. I think it would be important to give a closer look at your chosen subjects.

  6. Your concept seems really thought out. I think you really successfully wove (ha!) the two sets of imagery together with your balanced composition. I love the way you bring out the textures of the carrots and make them appear almost like fabric with the thread references. I also enjoy the hint of abstraction you create with the close up shots. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great job on both pictures i love the theme of your pictures. They take me back to a very long time ago like centuries and centuries ago since i am a woman i feel like i really connect to these pictures. but great job and both pictures and the feel of them how they are not very light but a little dark and that is great.

  8. The first thing that attracted me to these pictures, was the carrot and the colors. I do a lot of canning and this reminds me of that down home country feel, and the nostalgia of my youth. I just wish I could get a better look at the other pictures because the one in the middle looks really cool. I think vegetable have interesting textures and I think you caught those textures well in the carrot. The sepia used works well with the orange in the carrot. I would love to see more pictures in this series.

  9. Love the concept behind your photos. I also appreciate how abstract your images are. Yes you can see some symbols of domestic life within them, but by just altering how you look at them or how you pose them, it turns into something beautiful.

  10. What I like most about your photographs is how certain areas have texture, while others remain soft and have a light that glows. Especially in the first one, the way the light hits the right side of the image is very beautiful.

  11. I really like your use of moody tones in these images.Your ideas behind these images hold a lot of power and it contributes to making the images stronger. You have very good use of range of color in the first picture with your whites, blacks and greys. It is also a really good example of great texture.

  12. I enjoy the composition of these photos. I found my eyes wandering and trying to figure out what the objects more. I personally like this because it made me study and think about the photo. I think the reflection in the first photo is really well done! However, I think something that could have been done to enhance the second photo would have been brightening it a bit. Overall, nice job!

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