9 thoughts on “Melissa Audrey Dahlman”

  1. The first few times passing over this image, I didn’t even sort of recognize the image of a face on the right hand side. I love how fluid the blending of these various colors and elements are. You have certainly achieved an outer space feel with what seems to be a number of techniques. I don’t really have any critiques, but one idea might have been to try to line up the constellation lines more with the face just to reiterate the ‘atoms derived from stars’ concept. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you should try to tie dye this exact image into a shirt. I would buy it.

  2. I think this photo definitely fulfills your objective. In terms of criticism, I wish that some of the colors were a bit more vibrant. I think you would achieve more depth that way. Also, if you could illuminate the face a little bit more, I think that would improve the quality of the picture.

  3. I also believe that this photograph fulfills your concept and I too didn’t recognize the face after passing by this image a I couple of times. I like the abstract quality to this print and the muted color palette. I like the colors used on the right side of the print but I find myself wishing the blues, reds and magentas were dispersed throughout the print, not just the right hand side. Great work and look forward to seeing more from this series.

  4. This image is really interesting, I like how at first you can’t really tell what it is it just looks like a lot of colors possibly representing outer space/ the cosmos etc but then when you look for a minute you can see human faces. Great use of overlaying subjects in a photograph.

  5. I really love the sense of discovery in your piece. Although I too wish the face was slightly more obvious for people like me, I enjoyed finding it when the other commentators mentioned it. The abstraction is exactly like images that I have seen of space although I have no clue how you created it. The subtle constellations were easier for me to catch and really helped me grasp your concept before reading your description. I would be curious to see if looking at this piece in context of the other two in the series would have helped me find the face or not.

  6. amazing use of color, i didn’t even notice the face one the right side at first,i really like that. i love the use of the constellations and stars throughout the image.

  7. The colors are phenomenal. I was drawn to the image by the great colors, and movement created by the woman’s hair, not knowing it was an image of two people. It took a minute and the two faces came to the surface. I think the image perfectly fits the concept you explained.

  8. Awesome job meeting your goal, i didn’t even notice the face to the right till i focused all the way no the picture. Great job i love it it makes me feel like i’m out in space and also thank you for the information now i am very interested in knowing more about lawrence M. Krauss.

  9. I like the shadow image and colors of this photograph. Very beautiful and unexpected. Great piece of art work.

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