6 thoughts on “Nate Bruk”

  1. I am not sure if these images are supposed to be some kind of anti-coffee/caffeine statement or if they are supposed to just be humorous. Either way they are very dramatic.

  2. The top image expresses caffeine addiction in a great way. I think your choice of setting works well by choosing a private area. The coffee contrasts very well with the toilet. The strong vertical perspective lines in the scene really put the subject on a pedestal.

  3. I love the top image. It’s very dramatic. It totally shows caffeine addiction in a really humorous and interesting way. The top one is amazing. I like the bottom one too but it seems like there’s something missing. Maybe add some more light to the subject just a touch more so he can stand out a bit more against the darkness. Overall it’s a very interesting concept & i’d be very interested to see the other 8 images.

  4. This is a a nice concept that I would be interested in seeing an expansion of. I especially like the expression on the subject’s face.

  5. Love that top image! It’s hilarious and dramatic in a dark sort of way. I do wish there were more going on in the bottom photo, but it does show a funny not excited for the day feeling. Good job!

  6. I really like the second image. I know both images are about caffeine addiction but on the artistic aspect, the second one looks much stronger, and it’s only because there is a person in the image. The second image looks like a shoot from a movie to me. The lighting looks dramatic and has a nice contrast; the colors are harmonious. I think you should work on the lighting of the first image to make it more effective. To use a different bathroom might help.

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