4 thoughts on “Koran Fuller”

  1. these have a painterly affect to them, i like the background, cut outs and the red lines but not so sure how i feel about the flowers. more keen on the flowers on the left. altogether i like the folky aspect to them.

  2. It’s hard to tell that these are prints. It has a much more painterly look to it or mixed media feel. It’s very cool. The four separate pieces go well with each other.

  3. Beautiful artwork. The first print is really nicely done. Great composition, I like how eye follows the curve of the thread, bringing attention to a dove. I like the choice of color, red really stands out. I like flowers on the first print, it makes the image soft.
    The second print is very nicely made as well, great concept. About composition-in my opinion there is too much of things going on on the second image.
    Overall it is amazing job, beautiful creativity!

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