3 thoughts on “Lauren Giuliani”

  1. I really enjoy the lines that swoop across the image — it makes this photograph a little more interesting. They also serve well to draw attention to the person standing in the middle of the scene, who could easily go unnoticed. It is easy to then think about that person, with the motion of the lines still in mind. It makes the photograph much more dynamic and artistic. there is meaning in it.

  2. Your assignment of long depth of field is obviously achieved. Exposure is great –good lights and darks. Good color. The composition draws the eye down the alley. The only suggestion I have is that I find the dumpsters in the foreground distracting. They seem un-necessary to the composition and they want to interrupt the process of visually moving to the subject in the ally.

  3. The attention to detail in this photograph is amazing. At first glance, I thought this would be a stereotypical alleyway photo but the more I look at it, there are so many things to discover. How the lines are framing the image, how the focal point is actually the person turning away from the camera, the buildings are parallel and carry an outstanding balance between the left and right and so much more. Maybe the one thing I would balance out would be the brightness throughout the image. Great job!!!

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